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QCF: Transistor

ast year’s PAX East left me with an overwhelming anticipation that I never thought could still manifest itself within this old jaded jerk of a player; it quickly seeded itself into a plantation of hope that gradually grew with every day it’s release date approached closer. I left the Supergiant Games booth with a tear in my eye, knowing that this day would come, when I would be able to reach full circle with their sophomore effort—Transistor.

Granted, the expectations for Transistor may have been tempered with heavy prospects, considering that it rides the coat tails of its famous older-brother Bastion, but the journey of Red and her unlikely ally doesn’t exist to simply prove that lightning can strike twice.

No, what makes Transistor so special is the message it carries; is a message that incredible narrative experiences can be achieved in video games no matter the shape, size, or budget, but more importantly—only done so because it is a video game.

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QCF: Daylight

he concept of mastering the invocation of a certain emotion in your art is an art within itself, and a challenging effort when tastefully handled at that.  When witnessing the attempt at this every effort in motion, you can’t help but admire the conviction of the chase to engage others into feeling the intended vision, even when the inkling that the whole damn affair is destined to derail into a train wreck much sooner than later.

Zombie Studios’ Daylight is one of the more sensational victims of experimentation within the craft of video game design geared towards immersion that I’ve played yet, and the lingering aftertaste of disappointment is still fresh against the roof of my mouth.

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QCF: Steamworld Dig

hen developers attempt to shove a veritable smorgasbord of buzz-worthy elements and tropes into their games, they’re banking on killing that sales bird among consumers with the two forecasted stones of expectations in the video game marketplace. The first is being able to promote a distinction of unique gameplay that’s conveniently composed of familiar elements that gamers know and love from other titles—it’s an assumptive projection for success that mostly results in being a shallow disaster than an innovative title.

Which is what makes Steamworld Dig from Image & Form Games a completely unexpected surprise that gloriously earns the title of being a worthy exception to the trend—The titles has now expanded to Steam, PlayStation 4, and PlayStation Vita and is now, more than ever, one of the easiest must-own games to obtain out of 2014 to this very day.

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PPR Presents Versus-Samurai Gunn VS. Towerfall

e’ve talked about the renaissance of local couch play and its recent comeback thanks in large, to the efforts of passionate independent developers—and one particular pair of games that have raised the bar. Matt Thorson’s Towerfall has breached into new territories on the PS4, and has pushed the bar even further, but Teknopants to the frenetic kill-or-be-killed sensibilities to a whole new level; well, at least that’s what Andrew thinks, because George thinks he’s full of shit.

Welcome to the newest edition of VS, there are no friendships, no feelings, and no mercy—only compelling discourse that will determine a winner or accomplish nothing more than a bunch of entitled white dudes arguing over nebulous horseshit. So here's Andrew to lead things off.

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QCF: inFamous: Second Son

he idea of being larger than life leads down many paths to those who aspire for that sort of spotlight; stuff like entertainment, professional sports, or politics, but the most fantastical of them all is obtaining super powers, humanity’s ever present castle in the air.

Sucker Punch ventured into such territory and the grand moral compass that proceeds over it with inFamous, an ambitious open-world game that stumbled a bit out the door before it found the right beat for the tune it was pitching with inFamous 2.

Fast forward to present time and we see Sucker Punch at it again with inFamous Second Son; a sequel that introduces some novel features to the series, but unfortunately regresses the all-too-important advancements from its predecessor to a disappointingly mediocre degree.

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QCF: Contrast

hose familiar scenes from a movie you can’t quite remember, the ones with the atmosphere of streetlights and Deco art posters, streets filled with cabarets and burlesque shows for fellas and dames— The Great Gatsby withstanding , the 1920’s is an era so vaguely romanticized for its appearance over culture . It was always what was seen or heard versus what was said or done, with all of the style and bravura on stage and never too much indulged on the history and culture behind it.

Compulsion Games means to tell a story that’s born in the thick of it, and while the fiction is rich in intrigue and complimented with exquisite eye candy--Contrast is a collective of ambitious gameplay mechanics that manage to grease that platforming wheel, the rotation however, doesn’t come close to spinning full circle.

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PPR Presents Now Showing: 10/31/2013

n our efforts to try to do cool new stuff with Press Pause Radio and make it one of the best enthusiast Video Game media podcasts and websites around, we’re introducing another feature to the sight that we’ll be updating from here on out and hopefully try to make it a weekly to bi-weekly feature.

There are tons of trailers that come out and just never enough time to check them out one by one, so every Friday, we’re going to collect some our favorites and throw them up in one post to celebration of everyone’s eyes and ears towards upcoming games.

This week is all Halloween themed so we decided to follow suit with this new feature. In this week's Now Showing, you’ll find some new footage and release date information on the sequel of the Vampire Killing reboot with Lords of Shadow 2. We also have teaser trailers of Basement Crawl, Dead Rising 3, and The Walking Dead Season 2 on board so check them out folks.

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PPR 79

t’s that time again, and speaking of time, it’s a merciless beast to us all. We gather around the podcasting table to discuss the inevitable cross-dressing, uhhh, cross-streaming, ummm cross-crissing? Well, what we mean to say is that the next generation of gaming isn’t manning the ship on it’s own for some time, because the older siblings of the Ps4 and Xbox One aren’t shoving off just yet; it may seem like a small thing, but it’s going to affect us in a number of ways.

Aside from all that talk, we dive into your emails on Select Feedback, get nuts with Pokémon X/Y, gab on Final Fantasy XIV, and much more—it’s Press Pause Radio folks, did you miss us?

Rate and subscribe to us iTunes today, follow us on our new Twitch page, mail us at our new email Mailbag@presspauseradio.com, and be sure to stop by at our Forums and register as well!

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