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Bullet Heaven HD, Episode 118 - Sturmwind

elcome to WINTER DREAMS, the new special block for Series 6! In Series 5 of Bullet Heaven HD, we took a look at five new Dreamcast shooting games from German developers NG:Dev.Team and HuCast. They're not the only ones with new Dreamcast shooting goodness though; Duranik and RedSpot Games released Sturmwind, a horizontally scrolling shmup to the masses in 2013. With clearly different influences from the others we've seen on the Dreamcast since 2009, how does Sturmwind fare?


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Bullet Heaven EX-13 - Redux: Dark Matters [STEAM]

n episode 109 of Bullet Heaven HD, we took an in-depth look at Redux: Dark Matters, a new game for the Sega Dreamcast, released in January 2014. Originally released in a form so blurry that people with glasses felt like putting on more glasses, Just how well does it fare on Steam?  


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Bullet Heaven HD, Episode 111 - Revolver360 Re:Actor

t's the final finale for Series 5 of Bullet Heaven HD! In this episode, we check out the extra-dimensional, brain-taxing Revolver 360 Re:Actor for PC! As a sequel to the XBLIG original, how does it stack up??!


Bullet Heaven HD, Episode 101 - R-Type Dimensions

-Type has been around for ages and has several sequels and spinoffs under its belt as a series. Originally seeing release in 1987, R-Type and its 1989 sequel R-Type II would see release in HD as R-Type Dimensions in 2009 on the Xbox 360. On May 20, 2014 it finally made its way to the PS3... but how does it stack up? 

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Bullet Heaven HD, Episode 94 - Luftrausers

ou know Ser has been longing for this day. Several articles on PPR, constant training in the original Flash game online, tearful nights wondering when it was finally going to happen... Well, Luftrausers is finally coming home, but was it worth the wait? Watch to find out!

NEW MUSIC BY SER FLASH! The 4th Album, Meteoric, is on sale now for just $7! Support Bullet Heaven HD!

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Bullet Heaven HD, Episode 91 - 3arly Jaleco (FC5#4)

n episode 37 of Bullet Heaven, we took a look at Game Tengoku, a parody style shooter featuring a bunch of really old Jaleco games as the basis for its characters. Having never officially seen a North American home debut, just what were we missing in Exerion, Formation Z and Field Combat? Let's take a look...

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Bullet Heaven HD, Episode 89 - Macross (FC5 #2)

n this episode of Bullet Heaven, we take a look at the first-ever collaborative efforts of BAN-DAI and Namco with the horizontal Famicom shooter, Macross. based on the classic anime, how does this early licensed Famicom game stack up?  

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Bullet Heaven HD, Episode 86 - Deathsmiles

appy Halloween! In episode 86 of Bullet Heaven HD, we take a look at Deathsmiles, the very first Cave shooting game to see release in North America. It's also one of only three horizontal Cave shooters with some really old concepts... how does it stack up?

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