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PAX PRIME 2014: Play Play Special-Airscape: Fall of Gravity

onestly, there were a ton of games from the Indie Mega Booth that we really enjoyed playing, even if they didn’t make into our covered feature of the exhibit, and one in particular was Airscape: Fall of Gravity.

C’mon you guys, an adorable space squid who defies the laws of physics in order to save all of his equally adorable space fishy friends? Of course we’re going to play it and check it out. Join us, as we stumble in awe of the ingenious take on momentum and inertia, and try to make the best of the journey in our sleep deprived states; it was still a ton of fun though, check it out!

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PAX PRIME 2014: The Best of the Indie Mega Booth

ndie Mega Booth is quickly becoming the premier attraction at PAX, vastly growing bigger in size with each passing event, and there’s a good reason for that—the games showcased are easily the best of the show.

What’s slowly becoming a growing tradition with us, we set a course to plot as much Mega Booth territory that we possibly could, charting new games to play, and getting intimate with familiar software from the previous shows. We’re here to pour our guts out over the games that have left us the most smitten—including our choice for the Golden Zonkie of the show!

So strap in, and get set, here’s our tour of all the new must-see games at the booth this year!

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PAX PRIME 2014: Galak-Z: The Dimensional - Interview with Jake Kazdal

o far, I really dig Galak-Z: The Dimensional. Between its procedurally generated everything and its slick visual styling, this awesome new shooting game is one to look forward to, not just for STG enthusiasts but gamers in general.

There is quite a bit of nifty technological wizardry that has been infused into Galak-Z's retro-anime, physics-based gameplay, but how did it come to be in the first place? What were the challenges of making such a game? What is the creator's favorite retro system?

All of this and more was answered as I caught up with 17-Bit founder Jake Kazdal for some good old-fashioned post-hands-on Q&A on one of this years most intriguing shooting games.

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Press Pause Radio Meet Up at PAX Prime 2014!

nother year, another trip to some far off, mystical, big city that’s playing host to one of the most anticipated events in video games today; PAX Prime. We’ll be doing the usual coverage and sorts sure, but this year, after we’re with working hard—we want to play hard.

Shit, no, wait…

That sounded weird didn’t it? Whatever, don’t make a case out of it or anything!

Anyway, after all the bouts of scrambling from appointment to appointment, rendering video, and all of the other nonsense, Ser and I are going to saddle up at the Gameworks down the street with some friends, and we’re inviting YOU to join us!

The address is 1511 7th Ave, Seattle, WA 98101, and the time is 8:30 PM, Saturday night. We’ll be drinking, laughing, playing arcade games, and any tabletop games any of you want to bring, along with a sneak peak at Shark & Shark’s Kickstarter project, Flocks and Flyways (you guys should totally back it too!)

We’re looking forward to seeing you guys there! Stay tuned to the site for our coverage too, because, we’ll be doing it, and stuff.

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PPR 88

his week, we talk about Twitch, no, not the actual act of twitching, or convulsing, or anything like that (go see a doctor folks if you're experiencing any of that on the reg by the by.) The conversation covers all the areas worth noting like monetization, new security implementation, online narcissism, and the whole platform just getting too damn big for its own britches.

Among other things, Andrew and George preach what the ALS Ice Bucket challenge, and what it SHOULD be about when you do it, along with the Burger King Kids Club, Captain Planet, Pauley Shore’s Son-in-Law, and fucking Bible Man of all things because when do we ever have a handle on things?

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QCF: Super Comboman

ost platformers seem to follow a basic structure when it comes to simple implementations like control and level flow. Sometimes as an audience however, we are treated to subversions in the stereotypical platforming mechanics, and Super Comboman would be one of those unique times. 

A successful Kickstarter project from 2012, Super Comboman is a game that aims to mix beat 'em up combat with a distinct platforming feel. As you can tell from the outside, these are two extremely different ideals to marry—Ideals that unfortunately however may just be let down by the rest of its parts. 

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QCF: Armillo

hake your head all you want but the fact just simply remains that even after the introduction of Wiiware and eShop; the realm of indie games is still strange territory for Nintendo to cross—at least it seems like it with the way they’re going about it.

Thankfully, the big N is still trying to improve their approach towards their relationship in indie game distribution, and one of the products that’s especially benefited from their efforts in this campaign of exposure is an indie game about a space armadillo—a friggin’ sweet space armadillo.

Fuzzy Wuzzy Game’s Armillo channels the light-hearted spirit of character driven games of the 32-bit era, and humbly creates an adorably minimalistic atmosphere of challenge and colors that will universally appeal to the simple instincts and drive of platforming in a surprisingly intriguing way.

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Life Through The Pixel Glass-07/16/2014

s I write this, I’m sipping on the cool refreshing double fisted cocktail of Gatorade’s Lime ‘n Cucumber swigged with a Rockstar Zero Carb Energy Drink; it’s a concoction that’s quite literally not for the faint of heart.

I’m staring at the screen, going over appointments for PAX Prime, reviews, and other stuff; it’s starting to sink in that we’re in a really slow period in video games right now—I honestly love these sort of periods too. We all work hard, play hard, and live hard; it’s hard to stay on top of something that eats away at our precious time and money. Don’t get me wrong, it may sound like I’m complaining but I’m only trying to illustrate that we can all use a break from playing games—let’s just idealize in other ways like cool art and shit.

Yup, you know where this is going, welcome to another edition of Life Through The Pixel Glass; I missed it, and I hope you all did too, let’s get this rolling.

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