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Bullet Heaven HD, Episode 156 - The Hurricane of Varstray

t's not especially often that a super-polished caravan-style vertical shooter is released these days, but Studio Siesta (Trouble Witches Neo!, Episode 52) seems to have it locked down with The Hurricane of Varstray. But how does it stack up?


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Bullet Heaven HD, Episode 145 - Space Moth DX

ave-inspired shooting games on PC are going head to head with the real deal on Steam, and have been for a bit of time now. Space Moth DX is a super retro, cave-inspired shooting game that promises to hold shmuppers over to the next big Cave Steam release... but how does it stack up?  

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Bullet Heaven EX, Episode 23 - Deathsmiles Revisited 

n episode 86 of Bullet Heaven HD, we took a look at Deathsmiles, am occult-themed, gothic-lolita styled danmaku shooter from cave with gameplay cues straight out of games like Side Arms and Formation Z. We seriously dug it, and now it's available on Steam,  thanks to Degica Games! Just how does it hold up?

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QCF: Avernum 2: Crystal Souls

ast summer our good friend from across the pond Stevie reviewed the title from Spiderweb Software entitled Avadon 2: The Corruption. After reading that review I had to appreciate what the developer was attempting to do, in a sense capturing the heyday of PC role playing games in a generation of gaming that has all but abandoned the old ways.

Now I find myself with the similar task of reviewing another sequel, Avernum 2: Crystal Souls. After almost thirty hours of playtime with the title I can echo similar sentiments from Stevie’s review, however what Avernum 2 lacks in presentation and mechanics it certainly makes up for in story and exploration.

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Bullet Heaven HD, Episode 125 - Super Chain Crusher Horizon

shooting game with 3200 horizontal lines of resolution? Break out a second monitor, 'cause here comes Super Chain Crusher Horizon, a chain-based shooting game with one of the most extreme aspect ratios we've ever seen! But how does it stack up?



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Bullet Heaven HD, Episode 124 - Symphony

our music is actually an awesome vectored out battleground and you may not have even known it; Symphony takes any song you have on your drive (over 1:30 long) and turns it into a stage to an awesome shmup. Just how does it stack up?



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QCF: Lifeless Planet

hile I'm not much for a game that is too expansive with a bajillion things to collect, I am rather into the kinds of games that have a great sense of exploration. Games that present a world that makes me go, “huh, I sure wish I could visit this place in real life.” I had seen previews of Lifeless Planet and it instantly got me thinking. “What is this world? Why is there a small house on the edge of a massive crater?

Why no trees? What's with the desert? Does this guy really need a space suit?” All of these questions and more are answered through an incredible, story driven action-platformer-lite presentation with heavy emphasis on exploring a world strikingly similar to ours if it were, you know, lifeless.

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Bullet Heaven HD, Episode 104 - Crimzon Clover: World Ignition

After years of requests for a Crimzon Clover review, it's finally time! Does Crimzon Clover deserve the "God-Tier" status it has garnered? It's time to stack up the newly steam-released Crimzon Clover: World Ignition to find out!


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