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Bullet Heaven Episode 221 - Galaxy Frontier (PC)

It's time for the Bullet Heaven Series 9 finale! On today's episode: Galaxy Frontier. Not a lot of info is floating around out there, but it was installed along with Rolling Gunner, it's also excatly $0.00 online with a creative commons license and it's pretty freaking fun... but how does it stack up?


Get Galaxy Frontier here

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Bullet Heaven Episode 220 - Rolling Gunner (PC DVD)

We love doujin shooters here on Bullet Heaven so when we heard a pretty snazzy STG was released at the 2018 Comiket and we could get it in as easily as we could, we just had to check it out. What we didn't expect was the amazing quality held on the DVD that arrived. In this episode of Bullet Heaven, we're taking a look at Rolling gunner!

Get Rolling Gunner (and its soundtrack!) with worldwide shipping here

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Bullet Heaven HD, Episode 116 - Alltynex Second

ith the rest of the Tale of Alltynex Trilogy now up on Steam, it's finally time to take a look at the games preceding and following the events of RefleX, which we took a look at in episode 96 of Bullet Heaven HD! Alltynex Second is a 2010 Prequel to the events of Reflex. With a decade of time under its belt from the release of Kamui in 1999, how does it fare?


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Bullet Heaven HD, Episode 95 - Gigantic Army

yu-Media has released Astro Port's Gigantic Army on Steam! As a sweet tribute to the 90's Mech-based Run-n-guns like Gun Hazard, Valken and Cybernator, just how does Gigantic Army stack up?


Gamers Gate 
Rice Digital 

NEW MUSIC BY SER FLASH! The 4th Album, Meteoric, is on sale now for just $7! Support Bullet Heaven HD!

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Bullet Heaven HD, Episode 77 - Diadra Empty

ou know you like dragon shmups, and Rockin' Android brings the goods with Frozen Orb's Doujin shmup, Diadra Empty! One part arena shmup, one part RPG and Two parts Defender come together to make an interesting gameplay experience. But how does it all stack up? 

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Bullet Heaven HD, Episode 71 - Flying Red Barrel

C Indie gaming is a great place to find some quality shmups, and Rockin' Android is on the forefront, bringing some top tier stuff top the west with great games like Cloudphobia, Suguri and Gundemonium! So how does their 2009 release, Flying Red Barrel, fare?


SPECIAL THANKS to Rockin' Android for giving us this copy of the game!


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