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Bullet Heaven Episode 221 - Galaxy Frontier (PC)

It's time for the Bullet Heaven Series 9 finale! On today's episode: Galaxy Frontier. Not a lot of info is floating around out there, but it was installed along with Rolling Gunner, it's also excatly $0.00 online with a creative commons license and it's pretty freaking fun... but how does it stack up?


Get Galaxy Frontier here

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Bullet Heaven Episode 220 - Rolling Gunner (PC DVD)

We love doujin shooters here on Bullet Heaven so when we heard a pretty snazzy STG was released at the 2018 Comiket and we could get it in as easily as we could, we just had to check it out. What we didn't expect was the amazing quality held on the DVD that arrived. In this episode of Bullet Heaven, we're taking a look at Rolling gunner!

Get Rolling Gunner (and its soundtrack!) with worldwide shipping here

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