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QCF - Demon Gaze

t seems as though every year NIS releases one or two games in hopes that they will be as big a hit as Disgaea, some have come close or so I've been told, but most seems to fall flat on their face. I for one hold my breath when I hear that a new NIS title will be hitting shelves and wonder “Why are they still around”. While Demon Gaze isn't anywhere near Disgaea in most respects, it has its moments.

You take on the role of Oz (or whatever name you see fit for your game self), a young man who awakens in a dungeon with no memories of his past. With the help of a woman named Lorna, a retired Demon Gazer you escape the dungeon and find yourself at the Dragon Princess Inn, run by the lovely Fran.

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QCF: Steamworld Dig

hen developers attempt to shove a veritable smorgasbord of buzz-worthy elements and tropes into their games, they’re banking on killing that sales bird among consumers with the two forecasted stones of expectations in the video game marketplace. The first is being able to promote a distinction of unique gameplay that’s conveniently composed of familiar elements that gamers know and love from other titles—it’s an assumptive projection for success that mostly results in being a shallow disaster than an innovative title.

Which is what makes Steamworld Dig from Image & Form Games a completely unexpected surprise that gloriously earns the title of being a worthy exception to the trend—The titles has now expanded to Steam, PlayStation 4, and PlayStation Vita and is now, more than ever, one of the easiest must-own games to obtain out of 2014 to this very day.

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PPR 85

e’re getting older guys, time passes every day, of every week, of every year, and all we can do is live it up, experience life and it’s splendor—as long as we have a Gameboy with us while we’re doing it, am I right? Last week, the Gameboy turned the big twenty-five, some of you aren’t even that old; we decide to wax nostalgic over our memories and some of your own that you’ve shared with us.

On the way, we’ll be discussing Bravely Default, Neverending Nightmares, Will Smith, DUX 1.5, Street Fighter X Tekken, Horn, Nathan Barnatt, Space Team, Steamworld Dig, and many more so pull up a chair with your Gameboy at the ready, and get ready for a wild ride. 

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QCF - Sorcery Saga: Curse of the Great Curry God

he rogue-like is kind of making a bit of a resurgence in the current gaming landscape. Games like Towerfall, The Guided Fate Paradox and more are really kind of creating a sort of Rogue-renaissance with their unique combination brand of roleplaying and crippling hardships upon player's very imminent deaths. Unlike most games out there today (Dark Souls notwithstanding), these games offer a challenge seldom seen in the video games of today. But what if you're not hard core enough to slog your way through the modern rogue-like battlefield? Well, that's where Sorcery Saga: Curse of the Great Curry God comes in.

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QCF: Trigger Happy Havoc: Danganronpa

he pressure of succeed in your adult life in today’s society gets stacked thicker by the year, and this generation—it’s palpable. So naturally, any opportunity to attend a private school that only accepts the best and the brightest in exchange for guaranteed success in life would be a stupid one to pass up right? Fifteen individuals thought that, and it’s a shame too, because unbeknownst them and the impression of the prospect of their enrollment, it will be the worst decision of their lives.

The Vita hasn’t pulled any punches lately, and with both, tenured third-parties advocating the hardware alongside Sony welcoming fresh and bold ideas from independent developers, the variety in its library has gotten pretty juicy. Giving the title a chance, Nis America brought to the portable underdog, the bizarrely Japanese murder mystery thriller Danganronpa under the card of Trigger Happy Havoc, and well, lets us just say...that the Ace Attorney series will have some serious competition after this series picks up the steam it’ll get from the direction it’s heading in.

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QCF: OlliOlli

he snap of your deck as the concave flips around your feet, and the shock of landing clean against the ground, sending tremors through the soles of your feet; these are one of the few highs that skateboarding can induce, and it’s been some time that it’s been relevant in video games. While The Birdman took a stab at endorsing the concept of a plastic peripheral that was intended to heighten the appeal skateboarding in video games through physical simulation, the results were far less than stellar, and EA has done little to nothing with its SKATE series since the last entry underperformed in sales back in 2010.

Leave it to an independent studio by the name of Roll7 to introduce one of the most graceful return-to-forms for the genre; OlliOlli is one of the best thumb-twitching reasons to own a Vita.

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QCF: Ys: Memories of Celceta

This Review was Frelanced by Johnathan Sawyer; you can find his other work here.

s: Memories of Celceta is a new version of Ys IV, replacing Ys IV: Mask of the Sun as the new canon. It is a complete reimagining of what takes place in the past Ys IV games, with some similarities and nods to those releases (characters, music, locations, etc.), but is otherwise a brand new game. This release is the fourth Ys IV game; the other three were developed by Hudson Soft (Dawn of Ys), Tonkinhouse (Mask of the Sun), and Taito (Mask of the Sun: A New Theory), whereas this one was developed by Falcom themselves. The story, the graphics, music, and gameplay were completely overhauled, matching and surpassing what was seen in Ys Seven. This entry gives more light onto when and why Adol Christin (a.k.a. Adol the Red) decided to become an adventurer. Despite being the canon for Ys IV, it takes place chronologically before Ys III / Ys: The Oath in Felghana.

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QCF: Hatsune Miku: Project DIVA F

he first time I went to Pax (2012) I told myself I would not be leaving Boston without three particular games: Final Fantasy Type Zero, Suikoden II (One of these days, I promise) and Project Diva. I made it out with two of the three. Me being me I actually ended up buying Project Diva Second instead of the first game, but thankfully these games don't have “Play of Previous Title Recommended” stamped anywhere on them.

Upon learning that the Project Diva series would be making the transition from PSP to PS3 under the Title “Project Diva F” I got super excited, making it my must get game when we attended Pax East in 2013. Sadly I left Boston with my obsession with Pokémon renewed and no Project Diva F.  However, two months after Pax, my luck would change as on June 06, 2013, Sega confirmed that Project Diva would be coming to the West.

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