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QCF: Hotline Miami 2: Wrong Number

o matter what your standpoint on the matter is, it’s a fact that’s commonly accepted by a majority of modern society; violence is a part of life. Now when it comes to how people come to terms with this is an entirely different story, but I always found the concept of depictions that revel in graphically glorifying it as a point of illustration to be interesting; especially when it worked.

The argument on whether or not the gory aggression worked for Hotline Miami 2 though is a bit muddled, because when it works—it works.

And when it doesn’t, the title rings a bit hollow with a reverberation of pretension.

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PPR 94

f there ever was a constant that we’ve seen within the world of video games is that it’s forever caught in a rat race of progression; constantly trying to outdo whatever was done before it.

And in some cases; redoing something we’ve seen all over again with a new coat of polish—actually, it’s safe to say that we’ve seen this, in a LOT of cases…

Join us here at PPR as we discuss the torrent of titles that have gotten a high definition facelift in the recent years, sometime re-releasing multiple times. Is it too much? Is this yet another sign of games facing a creative bankruptcy? Maybe, or maybe not, you won’t really know what we think until you listen to the episode, dummy.

In addition, we converse about a crap-load of games, Destiny, FFXIV: A Realm Reborn, Axiom Verge, Hotline Miami 2, Bloodborne, and more; and then there’s a bunch of childhood reminiscing over how terrible we all were as kids—what are you waiting for? Start listening!

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PPR Presents Now Showing: 04/10/2014

t’s the night before PAX, and PPR is always in the midst of playing catch up; so why not toss you guys some sweet trailers while we prep for the big event tomorrow/ Right, that’s exactly what we were thinking; so we compiled a list of some upcoming indie games that have caught our eyes, and hould hopefully catch yours too.

Need flashy murder that begs to be justified with some sort of meaning that’s so cryptic you can’t help but murder more just to find out? Hotline Miami 2 is what’s up. How about some wacky weird golf course dimension that brings to life all the strangeness you’d expect from a 1993 Nickelodeon advert juxtaposed with a Windows 95 screensaver? Vertigonous Golf all the way. There’s more where that came from, just click the bump and what to your heart’s content.

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