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PAX East 2014: Feeling young again with Shovel Knight

ore often than not, we see independent developers task themselves towards producing games that do nothing more than romanticize games of the past; only a handful of them introduce ideas that stand them tall above the rose-tinted masses one-dimensional nostalgia.

Therefore, it's quite a feat when you see something like Yacht Club Game's Shovel Knight excel by doing the exact opposite. The Blue Digger’s adventure passionately celebrates the giant melting pot of NES tributes that it is and manages to conjure the perfect storm of design that's fun for veterans and new comers alike in the process.

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PPR Presents Lime Light: He-Man and the Masters of the Universe

hanks to the work of one incredibly talented artist by the alias of bWWd and his team of contributors, all of the boys and girls who drove their parents crazy with their expensive fascination with Eternia can now rejoice; there’s a fucking He-Man and the Masters of the Universe beat’em up game—and it’s beautiful.

Toast takes the lead, as George joins in to wax nostalgia and marvel at one of the most impressive fan projects that we’ve discovered in the Del Quattro yet! You guys can tune in (and subscribe to us while you're at it) around Wednesday evening, January 15th, at 7:30 PM pacific time and join us in the chat as we lay down our lives for the power of Grey Skull!

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PPR Presents Play Play: Demon's Crest

t’s Halloween guys, and what better way to celebrate then a spooky Play Play featuring one of the most underrated games on the SNES—Demon’s Crest. Join George, Ser, and Sean as we watch Firebrand fight a ridiculous load of bosses, play some creepy version of Wack-a-mole, and die way too many times in the process.

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QCF: DuckTales Remastered

s binary as the term “remake” would suggest by definition, the reality can actually elicit a variety of responses, anywhere from positive to “this is horse-shit.”  I’ve mentioned nostalgia quite a number of times and the sensitivity that revolves around applying it when you’re remaking a game versus re-releasing it.

The dilemma of mishandling swings both ways, you either desecrate the source material and kick the loyalists right in the childhood, or you over coat your product with the rose-tinted sugar of reminiscence that panders down memory lane instead, isolating your audience from the youngsters who’re late to the party, and just don’t get what the fuss was all about.  There are certain exceptions to this scenario, where the experience is so brilliant that they’re regarded as a timeless treat to everyone who plays them—to be completely honest, DuckTales is not one of those exceptions; and that what makes DuckTales Remastered amazing…WayForward recognized that the sacred cow wasn’t beyond the flaws of time.

The studio famous for injecting whimsy and charm, made subtle tweaks to an admittedly aged but solid formula, and in the process, adapted a twenty-four year old gem into a game that appeals to everyone in today’s video game generation.

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Life Through The Pixel Glass-05/09/2013

e’re nearing Press Pause Radio’s four year anniversary, yeah…we somehow have gotten away with doing what we do for four fucking years! Believe us when we say that we wouldn’t have traded it for the world, nor do we have any intention of stopping either! Therefore, while we’re doing more with video and other extracurricular content for PPR, we’re getting LTTPG back on course. Life through the Pixel Glass will press on (you missed it right?) and is here now to deliver some more cool shit around the web for y’all to enjoy.

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QCF: Y's I & II Chronicles+

This Review was Frelanced by Johnathan Sawyer; you can find his other work here.

 storm had arrived. Nothing could pass through this supposedly impenetrable "Stormwall," as it had come to be called. The land looked as though it would be seeing its final days, until a lone man with fiery-red hair washed up on the shores of Esteria... It is here in Ys I & II Chronicles+ that the saga of Adol the Red begins and puts several memorable marks into the pages of gaming history along the way.

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GDC 2013: Videogame History Museum Highlights

All photos in this interview were courtesy of our friend John Celentano of Unwinnable.com, be sure to check their coverage of GDC too!

ideo game historians and Classic Gaming Expo founders John Hardie, Sean Kelly and Joe Santulli started collecting videogames and related memorabilia before it was cool.

No, seriously. They’ve been at this since the 1980s, way before the thought of “collecting” these products occurred to anyone else. These and other individuals like them searched for every obscure product they could find. No eBay stores. No Craigslist. Just patience, timing, and a constant interest in finding something neat and ever so obscure. Think thrift shop hunting even, only with a few more closed environments and “garbage” nobody wanted anymore. Hell, in once case, another person’s trash became everyone else’s most coveted prototype console: the Sega Neptune.

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PAX East 2013: Ducktales impressions

ostalgia is a tricky beast when it comes to the realm of media. Fond memories are often blinded by rose tinted glasses of grandeur that rests upon those who share this experience on a modern soapbox. Certain properties however, are an exception to the rule, like the Carl Banks inspired Disney cartoon Ducktales which stars the richest duck in the world Scrooge McDuck, and the misadventures he underwent to chase even bigger fortunes with his nephew in tow.

Unlike other contemporaries from its time, Ducktales has charmingly aged and with its legacy, were the much lauded NES titles developed and published by Capcom—This weekend at PAX, The blue and yellow giants, in partnership with WayForward, have announced a remastered revival of the classic and after having some time with it, my six year old inner child and I were able to nod our heads in approval together.

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