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Bullet Heaven #238 - 70's Robot Anime Geppy-X (PSX)

In all of shooting games, there's no other game out there that delivers the authentic 70's anime experience like Geppy-X does. This obscure Japan-only horizontal scrolling shooter from Aroma is gauranteed to be unlike any shooting game players have ever experienced before or since. But, HOW does it do this? Why 4 discs!? And just how does it stack up??

In the Credits:
Bullet Heaven 236: Rym 9000
Bullet Heaven CCXXXVII Einhander Taikenban
Bullet Heaven 237: Stahlfeder

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Bullet Heaven, Episode 191 - Aces of the Luftwaffe Squadron

t's round three this Shmuppy Switchmas and HandyGames has joined the fray with Aces of the Luftwaffe - Squadron. If you thought it looked suspiciously like a cheap mobile game, you're not totally wrong... but how does it play? What does it feature? And how does it stack up?


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Bullet Heaven, Episode 189 - Xenoraid

nother Switch shoot-em-up? How is this even happening?! The Switch is really cementing itself as an indie shmup haven to be reckoned with and 10Tons' Xenoraid is looking for some street cred. How does it stack up?


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Bullet Heaven Episode 185 - Super Hydorah

ocomalito is a name that nobody with a PC shouldn't know. We took a look at the insanely good Garoudan a while back in our first and only "Quickshot" EX review, but now it's time to take a look at Hydorah... Super Hydorah, to be precise! As a juiced up version of the original, how does Super Hydorah stack up?


Like what you saw? Get Super Hydorah on Steam or Xbox One!

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Bullet Heaven EX, Episode 23 - Deathsmiles Revisited 

n episode 86 of Bullet Heaven HD, we took a look at Deathsmiles, am occult-themed, gothic-lolita styled danmaku shooter from cave with gameplay cues straight out of games like Side Arms and Formation Z. We seriously dug it, and now it's available on Steam,  thanks to Degica Games! Just how does it hold up?

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Bullet Heaven HD, Episode 141 - Caladrius

oss is currently responsible for keeping one of the most influential and beloved shooting game franchises alive with Raiden, most games of which have made their way to the west in some form or another. What happens when they branch out into Gothic territory? Let's take a look!  

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Bullet Heaven HD, Episode 133 - Supercharged Robot Vulkaiser

n episode 128 of Bullet Heaven HD, we took a look at Astro Port's Armed Seven, a sidescrolling mech-based shmup. It's not the only mech based "pure" STG they've released though; the 70's anime-soaked Supercharged Robot Vulkaiser is also a pretty neat addition to Astro Port's roster. But how does it stack up?


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Bullet Heaven HD, Episode 128 - Armed Seven

rmed Seven precedes Gigantic Army, which we took a look at in episode 98 of Bullet Heaven HD. As a side scrolling shooting game that laid the foundations for its run-and-gunning successor, how does it fare?


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