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Bullet Heaven #238 - 70's Robot Anime Geppy-X (PSX)

In all of shooting games, there's no other game out there that delivers the authentic 70's anime experience like Geppy-X does. This obscure Japan-only horizontal scrolling shooter from Aroma is gauranteed to be unlike any shooting game players have ever experienced before or since. But, HOW does it do this? Why 4 discs!? And just how does it stack up??

In the Credits:
Bullet Heaven 236: Rym 9000
Bullet Heaven CCXXXVII Einhander Taikenban
Bullet Heaven 237: Stahlfeder

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Bullet Heaven #237 - Stahlfeder (PSX)

Stahlfeder: Tekkou Hikuudan is a game that doesn't exactly come up often. It's pretty uncommon from a very obscure developer and publisher and it was only released in Japan... and it has a really neat cover. We dig it. But what about the game? Let's take a closer look!
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PPR 118

hange is good, right?—it’s scary sure, but if we don’t give the chance to try something different, then how can we really say that we’ve grown?

In this episode of Press Pause Radio, we’ll be debuting a new format that’s going to be different from the one we’ve done the last ten years. Instead of catching up on all the news and games that have happened between shows before the chosen featured topic, we have decided to release each of these segments as a dedicated episode in their own right, including the featured topic, with a projected weekly schedule in mind.

This new direction will not only cut down the average length of a Press Pause Radio episode from 2-3 hours down to a little over an hour at most, but it’ll also allow us to produce more content for you guys more seamlessly. We hope that this change will allow us to be the best version of what we aspire to be, because as it stands now, publishing episodes in the giant clusters that we have the last few years or so hasn’t done us, or you guys any favors.

So to start off, we’re starting Episode 118 with the news; we’ll be discussing the Super Mario Sunshine rumors, PS5 Patent reveals, various gameplay reveals at this past Gamescom, Bathwater Pyramid schemes, and a whole lot more.

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Mudprints Unboxes: Dariusburst CS (LRG Vita Version)

We took a look at the big-box limited editions from Kadokawa and Limited Run Games for Dariusburst CS on Mudprints Unboxes before... so how about Limited Run's Vita version? Let's see what's inside.

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Bullet Heaven, Episode 160 - R-Type Delta

In episode 101 of Bullet Heaven, we took a look at R-Type Dimensions, an enhanced compilation of R-Type 1 and 2 for the Playstation 3. R-Type in general is a superhard series of games, and in 1999, Agetec released R-Type Delta - the series' first 3-D Entry - to the original Playstation. It's difficulty definitly lives up to the series' reputatuion... but how does it stack up?

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PPR Presents Play Play: Brave Fencer Musashi

he frontier of platformers back in the late 90’s was uhhh, endearing to say the least. And man, oh MAN, were they ever just a wave of cutesy, mascot-ready, big-headed snark-slingers filled with all of that ‘tude.

Brave Fencer Musashi is a charming little melting pot of those sentiments, standing out among the herd with a bunch of action-RPG dynamics, with some Kirby mechanics on top. Now the question is whether or not this game aged very well? Not to mention where it comes into play with Nomura design timeline of limb belts and superfluous zippers on zippers, and more as Ser and Georgie wax on about it between all the shitty Haikus they hear about death.

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Bullet Heaven HD, Episode 56 - Kyuiin

Space fighters and heavily-armed mecha are overrated, especially when you have the utter destructive power of a.... vacuum cleaner??

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Bullet Heaven HD Giveaway! -- Bullet Heaven EX

Episode 50 of Bullet Heaven is coming this coming Monday, and Rockin' Android has hooked us up with some great prizes to celebrate! Want in? Watch the video below to find out how! 

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