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PPR Presents Now Showing: 07/01/2015

he video game industry’s biggest event has come and gone, and in its wake, we’re all still a bit mystified from some of the announcements that went down (Shenmue III still has George shaken up a bit.) Before we go in-depth with our thoughts on E3 though, we figure that we would post up some of the trailers that showcased all of the upcoming goodness that the event unveiled.

Granted, there were far more trailers than what’s listed here (and you can catch them on YouTube page here) but for now, we’ll just throw up some trailers of some of the more high profile games announced during that faithful week—have fun, stay tuned for the E3 podcast that’s coming up around the bend.

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PPR Presents Now Showing: 08/12/2014

he summer doldrums carry on, and while the some of us here on the site are enjoying the down time in between the reviews and podcasts, the season is perfect for pumping all of us up for the holiday season that’s upon us.

The theme in this Now Showing is Multiplayer folks; there’s that fancy shmancy new next-generation multiplayer Assassin’s Creed Unity. Then there’s the multiplayer of the upcoming Natural Doctrine from NIS America for the JRPG fans salivating for it on the PS4.

Phantom Breaker Battlegrounds fights it’s way on the PS Vita, encouraging players that they can still bring a friend or two. Finally, WayForward is working on the third Adventure Time game to hit consoles soon; we don’t know if it’s multiplayer to be honest, but it looks fun as shit.

The heat’s coming round, and before we know it, the sunshine will be gone so soak it in while you can, I know we are—because within weeks, we’ll be hitting the street of Seattle for PAX Prime, enjoy the trailers folks!

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PPR Presents Now Showing: 05/02/2014

pringtime releases have found a way to slow down a bit after the March Madness of the video game variety we received release-wise, but rest assured—there are a ton of games still down the pipeline. The list includes Square-Enix teases a sneak peak at the sequel to the surprise rhythm hit on 3DS, Namco Bandai announcement for the sequel to its modern take golden boy in the Ghostly Adventures 2, and Tribal Wars 2 from InnoGames—the cross-platform strategy game for Android, iOS and all browsers alike.

There’s more to check out, be sure to subscribe to our YouTube for the latest trailers and video features from PPR ya’ lovable schmucks. 

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PPR Presents Now Showing: 04/10/2014

t’s the night before PAX, and PPR is always in the midst of playing catch up; so why not toss you guys some sweet trailers while we prep for the big event tomorrow/ Right, that’s exactly what we were thinking; so we compiled a list of some upcoming indie games that have caught our eyes, and hould hopefully catch yours too.

Need flashy murder that begs to be justified with some sort of meaning that’s so cryptic you can’t help but murder more just to find out? Hotline Miami 2 is what’s up. How about some wacky weird golf course dimension that brings to life all the strangeness you’d expect from a 1993 Nickelodeon advert juxtaposed with a Windows 95 screensaver? Vertigonous Golf all the way. There’s more where that came from, just click the bump and what to your heart’s content.

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PPR Presents Now Showing: 10/31/2013

n our efforts to try to do cool new stuff with Press Pause Radio and make it one of the best enthusiast Video Game media podcasts and websites around, we’re introducing another feature to the sight that we’ll be updating from here on out and hopefully try to make it a weekly to bi-weekly feature.

There are tons of trailers that come out and just never enough time to check them out one by one, so every Friday, we’re going to collect some our favorites and throw them up in one post to celebration of everyone’s eyes and ears towards upcoming games.

This week is all Halloween themed so we decided to follow suit with this new feature. In this week's Now Showing, you’ll find some new footage and release date information on the sequel of the Vampire Killing reboot with Lords of Shadow 2. We also have teaser trailers of Basement Crawl, Dead Rising 3, and The Walking Dead Season 2 on board so check them out folks.

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