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QCF: Guacamelee

very culture possesses a title of incredible significance, one that grants the individual who bears it fame and the opportunity to leave behind a legacy for those who succeed said title; the proud lineage of the luchador is such a title. Majestic forces of strength in the ring, these masked heroes symbolize the principals and codes of virtue as they launch from colorful ropes and transform into deadly flying emissaries of justice against their opponents—Lucha libre is storied lifestyle and that’s what Drinkbox Studios’ Guacamelee aims to deliver, and it does just that, and surprisingly more.

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PPR 67

Was Freecell ever on the Turbo Grafx 16? Eh, it doesn’t matter, because there are so many other games that are so much more worthy of your time. This week, the PPR crew gathers ‘round to discuss the 16-bit underdog with its Japanese counterpart hitting 30 years of age recently. On the way, James and George argue over the true merit of Assassin’s Creed III, Toast bids for an N-Gage to cheer him over his troubled Vita, and Ser hates on the Avengers and so much more.

If you guys have anything to share with us, email us at mailbag email, presspauseradio@gmail.com, or call us and leave a voicemail at 469-777-8255 (PPR-TALK) and get involved. Join our forums while you’re at it and may everyone enjoy their Thanksgiving!

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QCF: Ragnarok Odyssey

The Vita isn’t doing so hot, guys. Despite being a wonderful piece of hardware with a pretty decent lineup of games, players just aren’t giving it the attention it deserves. One factor many are citing to explain Vita’s failure to catch on is the lack of a Monster Hunter game anywhere on the release slate. When PSP was on life support, Monster Hunter helped revitalize the handheld in Japan. It quickly became a household system purely based on the popularity of this one game. Now that MH has moved to 3DS it looks like we won’t be seeing the series hit Vita any time soon. Fortunately, we now have a pretty good facsimile. It’s not quite up to Monster Hunter snuff, but Ragnarok Odyssey makes a valiant effort.

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QCF: Retro City Rampage

I’ll give this to Retro City Rampage; it delivers what it promises. Retro City Rampage begins as the protagonist, Player, travels back in time to the 80‘s -- the time nerds won’t let us forget. Following orders from the crime boss Jester (reference) and the absent-minded Doc Choc (reference), Player must complete a series of missions to rebuild a time traveling Delorean (reference) and return to his own time. Along the way he’ll kill, steal, and quote the hell out of anything that stands in his path.

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PPR 63

So wait, George is planning to go vegan? Moreover, Killer Instinct 2 is a completely different game from Killer Instinct Gold? We answer these questions and many more on the latest episode of Press Pause Radio. The main subject of discussion this week is Cross-play, we’ve seen this sort of thing before with the GBA/Gamecube connectivity functionality in the past, hell we’ve even seen with the Dreamcast VMU, but what about the modernized concept for the future? The Wii-U is just around the corner and the Vita is supporting Cross-play functionality with the PS3, there’s plenty to speculate towards the potential this gimmick may actually offer. If you like what you’ve hear and haven’t done so yet, you should totally review us on iTunes and Zune! We’re also on YouTube now so subscribe to us there and follow more of our upcoming streams on our Justin.TV page!  

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E3 2012: Sony Keynote Live Blog


GDC 12: The Gravity Rush Keynote Live Blog


Why Physical Media Continues to Linger

There’s no denying it – with services like Steam and Xbox Games on Demand, video games head closer to an all-digital market each day.

Take Sony’s last portable failure as an example. The PSP Go was a sign of gamers waking up and realizing how they’re paying full price for less than half of an object. With most digital copies, you own nothing, and the publisher maintains the right to pull the plug whenever they see fit. Most gamers aren’t ready to completely let go of physical media… at least not on dedicated systems from companies like Microsoft, Nintendo, and Sony. Sure, the iPhone is an all-digital handheld, but remember – everyone owns an iPhone, and most of the games are dirt cheap.

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