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QCF: ReCore

t’s bizarre to me that in a medium that spends so much time romanticizing its past through a modern filter for audiences both old, and new, that there’s this weird bygone era in video games that hardly receives the same kind of attention—the 3D Platformer. One could argue that the nuances of the side-scroller will forever stand the test of time in contrast with that of games like Banjo–Kazooie, or Spyro the Dragon, doomed to fall in line with a specific aesthetic or design, but I think the formula deserves more than that, and personally, that outlook always came off like a copout.

Which is why Armature Games’ ReCore is a refreshing experiment to that sentiment; an open-world action adventure title that embraces the age-old “collect-a-thon” conventions of the 90’s, within a large open world game that’s still designed with modern sensibilities in mind.

The refreshment doesn’t last though as the title has one of the most unstable game engines to have ever been released out of a first-party title, and will often reduce the charming experience that ReCore has to offer into a steaming pile of garbage.

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QCF: Steamworld Dig

hen developers attempt to shove a veritable smorgasbord of buzz-worthy elements and tropes into their games, they’re banking on killing that sales bird among consumers with the two forecasted stones of expectations in the video game marketplace. The first is being able to promote a distinction of unique gameplay that’s conveniently composed of familiar elements that gamers know and love from other titles—it’s an assumptive projection for success that mostly results in being a shallow disaster than an innovative title.

Which is what makes Steamworld Dig from Image & Form Games a completely unexpected surprise that gloriously earns the title of being a worthy exception to the trend—The titles has now expanded to Steam, PlayStation 4, and PlayStation Vita and is now, more than ever, one of the easiest must-own games to obtain out of 2014 to this very day.

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