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Bullet Heaven #239 - Super Tank Warefare Adventia (PC)

We love a good doujin game here on Bullet Heaven and Astro Port is a developer that we've covered games from many time already on Bullet Heaven. This time, it's 2012's PC Doujin, Cho Sensha Sen: Adventia - better known as Super Tank Warfare: Adventia. We've wanted to play this one for a while, so how does it stack up?

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QCF - Demon Gaze

t seems as though every year NIS releases one or two games in hopes that they will be as big a hit as Disgaea, some have come close or so I've been told, but most seems to fall flat on their face. I for one hold my breath when I hear that a new NIS title will be hitting shelves and wonder “Why are they still around”. While Demon Gaze isn't anywhere near Disgaea in most respects, it has its moments.

You take on the role of Oz (or whatever name you see fit for your game self), a young man who awakens in a dungeon with no memories of his past. With the help of a woman named Lorna, a retired Demon Gazer you escape the dungeon and find yourself at the Dragon Princess Inn, run by the lovely Fran.

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QCF: Trigger Happy Havoc: Danganronpa

he pressure of succeed in your adult life in today’s society gets stacked thicker by the year, and this generation—it’s palpable. So naturally, any opportunity to attend a private school that only accepts the best and the brightest in exchange for guaranteed success in life would be a stupid one to pass up right? Fifteen individuals thought that, and it’s a shame too, because unbeknownst them and the impression of the prospect of their enrollment, it will be the worst decision of their lives.

The Vita hasn’t pulled any punches lately, and with both, tenured third-parties advocating the hardware alongside Sony welcoming fresh and bold ideas from independent developers, the variety in its library has gotten pretty juicy. Giving the title a chance, Nis America brought to the portable underdog, the bizarrely Japanese murder mystery thriller Danganronpa under the card of Trigger Happy Havoc, and well, lets us just say...that the Ace Attorney series will have some serious competition after this series picks up the steam it’ll get from the direction it’s heading in.

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PPR @ Hal-Con - The Cosplay of Day-1


ay one of Hal-Con has come to a close and while it seems that most of the bigger gaming items will be happening Saturday and Sunday that doesn't mean that day one didn't have anything to offer. As with almost any convention, there are bound to be Cosplayers. Hal-Con is no exception, especially with the presence of Yaya Han--a well known professional Cosplayer-- who could be seen walking around the main floor ocasionally.

And so, I'm here to bring you the Cosplayers of Hal-Con. Each day will feature a wide range of cosplayers from that day's outing! Let's get started!

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QCF: Time & Eternity

odern Anime culture is synonymous with several tropes that identify conventions and conduct that most fans come to expect from it. From the hormonally fueled propulsion nose bleeds at the sight of panties or cleavage to the violent response that follows, the Shōnen Hāremumono Anime is one of the more iconic genres to represent the media, and there are dozens of these productions that continue to this day. Being a fan myself, I’ve always enjoyed the occasional Harem, considering the premise of characterization. However, I could never understand the decisions that most Japanese developers voluntarily restrict themselves with when adapting these genres for video games.

For every Persona 4 or Katawa Shoujo, some uninspired tripe pops up and simply panders character roles to the unwritten rules and clichés of the genre with insipid and predictable gameplay, and without breaking any new territory in the slightest.

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QCF: Mugen Souls

The universe is truly a space that will never be fully comprehended, terrain so wide that humankind will labor eons and eons in order to fully understand its magnitude and nature. Imagine if you will however, a universe, structured specifically around seven planets, and a magically gifted little woman who aims to subjugate all who reside within it. Developed by a faction of cult Japanese development house Idea Factory, Compile Hearts brings us latest JRPG from NIS America on the PS3, Mugen Souls.

The novelty of choice is refreshing with Mugen Souls being available in the pre-holiday season with titles like Doom 3: BFG, Assassin’s Creed III, and Skylanders: Giants. However, Mugen Souls does not do its genre any service and ends up being nothing more than tawdry theatrics with little to no appeal in the long run.

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QCF: Unchained Blades

In another story of a niche publisher taking on a heavy labor of love to localize a hit JRPG to the North American masses, Xseed Games brings us Unchained Blades from FuRyu. A collaborative effort of Japanese game development’s A-list talent, the game's creators include Takashi Hino of Grandia fame, and Toshio Akashi, known for his work on the Lunar series. Even Nobuo Uematsu himself contributed some hot licks for the soundtrack.

All things considered, Unchained Blades is still an assumptive write-off among other by-the-numbers JRPGs destined to be overlooked. But upon further inspection, Unchained Blades breaks most of those expectations and delivers some real hope that the genre has plenty of life left in it.

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