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QCF: Cosmic Star Heroine

 thought for sure that Zeboyd Games' Cosmic Star Heroine had been released long before now. I distinctly remember it being shown from day-one in PS4 interactives and advertisement loops all the way back in 2013. Now, granted, the Cosmic Star Heroine from that time looks quite a bit different than it does today, so there has obviously been quite a bit of work done on the game since it was revealed almost half a decade ago. But what is Cosmic Star Heroine? How has it progressed? And is it worth your time?

Successfully kickstarted in 2013, Cosmic Star Heroine was released to the PS4, PS Vita and Steam on April 11, 2017. It’s a traditional turn-based RPG that takes pages - well, no, actually, it takes whole chapters - from another fairly popular game from the mid-90’s. You may have heard of it; a little game called Chrono Trigger. Players take on the role of Alyssa L’salle, a star member of a futuristic interplanetary spy agency that discovers very early on that things aren’t as they seem with her employers. What kind of conspiracy has she uncovered? One thing is for sure, Cosmic Star Heroine’s story is one that’ll keep the player guessing, and keeps things pretty interesting all the way though.

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QCF: I Am Setsuna

he status quo of the modern-day JRPG is getting more, and more polarizing by the year—and a lot of that has to do with the two very distinct audiences that the genre has gradually come to cater to. The term “JRPG” generally triggers thoughts of nostalgia for the genre’s heyday on the original PlayStation and SNES in the nineties, but lately, the definition has expanded into different territories that are now more synonymous with the style, with conventions like relationship building, and permanent character deaths.

There aren’t many earnest options around for the old camp of fans these days, and that’s what makes the original JRPG giant’s attempt to recapture that magic with I Am Setsuna so intriguing, and maybe even a little admirable in some aspects.

The new game from Square Enix is one that spares little time in chasing a legacy that most considered long forgotten, and while some of its methods used to deliver that experience are a bit rough, it still manages to be a memorable love letter that charmingly romanticizes the charms that defined what the genre used to be.

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PPR Presents Extra Life 2015: Chrono Trigger

t’s that time of year again, and as we gradually approach the holidays, it’s important to remember that this season isn’t easy for everyone, especially children with health issues. So, with that said, Press Pause Radio is proud to be part of the annual Extra Life charity event for 2014.

We’re on a mission to lend our voices and minds to help the children in this year’s Extra Life Charity, and we need you. By tuning in, and watching us stream one of the most classic RPG’s of all time, Chrono Trigger on the SNES, for 24 hours straight. We humbly ask for your donation towards the Children's Hospital of Central California.

On November 7th, 2015, Press Pause Radio will be participating in this huge worldwide celebration of the social impact of gamers of all kinds from video games to board games and tabletop RPG's!

So here’s how you can help. Watch the stream here or on our Twitch page, and then visit us here on Extra Life and donate anything you can for the kids—your donation is tax-deductible and ALL PROCEEDS go to help kids, so help us get there folks. The more you donate, the more leverage you get for any stupid, dumb, (but reasonable) you might have for George to do in, or out of Chrono Trigger, for 24 hours. Again, any help that you’re willing to donate is greatly appreciated, and will all go to a great cause! Thank you, get started on donating and catch us here on Nov. 7th!


QCF: Time & Eternity

odern Anime culture is synonymous with several tropes that identify conventions and conduct that most fans come to expect from it. From the hormonally fueled propulsion nose bleeds at the sight of panties or cleavage to the violent response that follows, the Shōnen Hāremumono Anime is one of the more iconic genres to represent the media, and there are dozens of these productions that continue to this day. Being a fan myself, I’ve always enjoyed the occasional Harem, considering the premise of characterization. However, I could never understand the decisions that most Japanese developers voluntarily restrict themselves with when adapting these genres for video games.

For every Persona 4 or Katawa Shoujo, some uninspired tripe pops up and simply panders character roles to the unwritten rules and clichés of the genre with insipid and predictable gameplay, and without breaking any new territory in the slightest.

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