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PPR 100

WWWWWWW SHIT YOU GUYS! Did you hear? No really, did you hear! That one thing that’s coming out, it’s going to be so rad, like; the…RADDEST! No foolin’ I mean, err, wait what, you mean that it’s actually not as cool as I thought it was going to be.

Wait, wait, now you’re telling me that it sucks—oh….  


On our hundredth (yeah, our official one-hundredth episode) we go on to talk about the unavoidable phenomena that is hype, and how it usually gets spearheaded in our face within our screens, phones, timelines, and worst—your fellow people. In addition, we decide to pit Candy Apple Faygo and Lime & Cucumber Gatorade against each other, Pokémon Go, Pokémon Sun/Moon, Gamescom, Metal Gear Survive, Inside, Galaga Wars, No Man’s Sky, Tekken 7, WarFrame, the leaked PlayStation 4 Slim, AM2R, and so much more.

It’s another long one you guys, settle in, and grab the right drink, (you know which one) as you listen to us on our “hundredth” show!

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QCF: Pokémon Alpha Sapphire/Omega Ruby

n what has gradually bloomed into somewhat of a subtle tradition from the gaming giant since the Gameboy Advance’s prime, the Big N has enlisted their subsidiary Game Freak, into unleashing yet another modern revamp of a past chapter out of their golden child’s past, for the latest incarnation of Nintendo’s pocket hardware.

While last year’s stellar X and Y entries went on to prove why the Pokémon brand is still a household name though, the inevitable remakes of franchise’s Ruby and Sapphire generation that we anticipated has sadly failed to keep the momentum that those previous titles had lent them.

No, what Alpha Sapphire and Omega Ruby does instead is quite the opposite, it falls victim to a wonted flaw that has infrequently plagued Pikachu and his Poképals in more recent years of the now tenured property—complete and utter fatigue.

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PPR Presents Play Play: Child of Light

t’s rare when a game with an attempt at being larger than life shows up out of the blue, and actually follows through with being just that; moments of play start blurring into a makings for an experience. George believed that when he initially reviewed Child of Light, and took it up on himself to show the rest of the crew what exactly they were missing out on. Ser shares his trademark cynicism, Ren can’t stop saying the word pretty, and Toast is mostly won over, but do you fight dragons? All this and more on the latest Play Play—be warned though, the footage of Child of Light may spoil certain story moments so viewer discretion is advised.

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PPR 79

t’s that time again, and speaking of time, it’s a merciless beast to us all. We gather around the podcasting table to discuss the inevitable cross-dressing, uhhh, cross-streaming, ummm cross-crissing? Well, what we mean to say is that the next generation of gaming isn’t manning the ship on it’s own for some time, because the older siblings of the Ps4 and Xbox One aren’t shoving off just yet; it may seem like a small thing, but it’s going to affect us in a number of ways.

Aside from all that talk, we dive into your emails on Select Feedback, get nuts with Pokémon X/Y, gab on Final Fantasy XIV, and much more—it’s Press Pause Radio folks, did you miss us?

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QCF: Pokémon X/Y

or the last seventeen years, a series that hinged so much on its formulaic design has not only gone on to endure, but prosper and become one of the most successful properties in media today. The sixth generation of the Pocket Monsters made it’s very first simultaneous debut across the world on the Big N’s new edition of the iconic dual-screened pocket-sized game box, and well, it’s still sort of a big deal.

I’ll be honest with you guys, the previous iteration didn’t impress me in the slightest, it had the exact opposite effect—a sentiment that’s argued even among the most dedicated of fans of its respective community. However, The latest X and Y installment in the Pokémon dynasty is different.

Instead of pandering to systematically compulsory reaction of shoving new monsters and gimmicks to the fold—X and Y tone it down and balance it out with some of the sharpest refinements the formula yet, making it both, the most appealing and the most polished to enter the fold.

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QCF: Pokémon Rumble U

t’s kind of ironic that an incredibly Japanese property fuels one of the most American ideals in the most feverish ways: materialism. Collecting for the sake of completion regardless of the practicality to utilize the innumerous amount of trinkets, objects, and uhh, Monsters who resemble that of the pocket variety. Aside from the main games of the franchise, there are quote unquote “side” games that try to be creative with Pokémon and try to have a theme of collecting within it’s formula still—for the majority of the side games, this mechanic has always played out like it’s tacked on in the process.  

However, there a particularly overlooked entry in the list of spinoffs from the main franchise, the Pokémon Rumble series; while the last two games were fairly unremarkable, Nintendo and Ambrella have finally got it right this time around. Pokémon Rumble U reinvigorates the joy of compiling Pokémon and raising and battling them in ways that set itself apart from the rest of entries, and does the formula justice outside of the main series.

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PAX PRIME 2013: The Nintendo Crescendo

egardless of how critical my position on Nintendo may be as of recent, my travels on the floor led me to the familiar brand. I tasked myself with getting the best out of what the Big N had to offer. So after a couple of games later, I can safely say that while my faith is still shaken, it is far from lost—Nintendo is dropping some real winners after all this Holiday.

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QCF: Time & Eternity

odern Anime culture is synonymous with several tropes that identify conventions and conduct that most fans come to expect from it. From the hormonally fueled propulsion nose bleeds at the sight of panties or cleavage to the violent response that follows, the Shōnen Hāremumono Anime is one of the more iconic genres to represent the media, and there are dozens of these productions that continue to this day. Being a fan myself, I’ve always enjoyed the occasional Harem, considering the premise of characterization. However, I could never understand the decisions that most Japanese developers voluntarily restrict themselves with when adapting these genres for video games.

For every Persona 4 or Katawa Shoujo, some uninspired tripe pops up and simply panders character roles to the unwritten rules and clichés of the genre with insipid and predictable gameplay, and without breaking any new territory in the slightest.

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