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PPR Presents Play Play: Sonic Dreams Collection

isten, we know that there’s a deep, dark, and rather unsettling element to the Sonic The Hedgehog community that will never go away, and we’ve all gone on to accept it, hell, even SEGA is kind of over it at this point.

What we never expected was a celebration of fetishizing the hedgehog in the form of a game for every to quote unquote “play.”

We’re not going to spare any bones about it; Sonic Dreams Collection is weird, and a little nightmarish, and we here at Press Pause Radio have decided to show you around, and uhhh, get disgusted for you…or we mean, with you—enjoy?

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QCF: Mugen Souls

The universe is truly a space that will never be fully comprehended, terrain so wide that humankind will labor eons and eons in order to fully understand its magnitude and nature. Imagine if you will however, a universe, structured specifically around seven planets, and a magically gifted little woman who aims to subjugate all who reside within it. Developed by a faction of cult Japanese development house Idea Factory, Compile Hearts brings us latest JRPG from NIS America on the PS3, Mugen Souls.

The novelty of choice is refreshing with Mugen Souls being available in the pre-holiday season with titles like Doom 3: BFG, Assassin’s Creed III, and Skylanders: Giants. However, Mugen Souls does not do its genre any service and ends up being nothing more than tawdry theatrics with little to no appeal in the long run.

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