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PPR @ Hal-Con - Cosplay Day 3

he final day of Hal-Con started out pretty rough as they decided that wouldn't be selling tickets, despite being told the contrary the previous day. But while there were nowhere near as many people as Day-2, there were still tons of cosplayers. So lets get into the final days goodness!  

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PPR @ Hal-Con - Cosplay Day 2

s expected, Saturday saw a huge outpouring of Cosplayers and attendees. So much that the fire marshal locked down the building. We almost didn't get in.

Saturday brought with it some of the most impressive cosplays we've ever seen. Apparently tbere were some impressive ones outside that were unfortunately turned away because of sold out tickets and overcrowding in the venue--I'm hoping they come back tomorrow.

But who wants to hear me ramble on when you could be looking at some sweet pictures?

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PPR @ Hal-Con - The Cosplay of Day-1


ay one of Hal-Con has come to a close and while it seems that most of the bigger gaming items will be happening Saturday and Sunday that doesn't mean that day one didn't have anything to offer. As with almost any convention, there are bound to be Cosplayers. Hal-Con is no exception, especially with the presence of Yaya Han--a well known professional Cosplayer-- who could be seen walking around the main floor ocasionally.

And so, I'm here to bring you the Cosplayers of Hal-Con. Each day will feature a wide range of cosplayers from that day's outing! Let's get started!

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Life Through The Pixel Glass-02/28/2013

his week has followed one the biggest weeks of the month and quite possibly the year to boot. The gaming public was treated to the reveal of the PS4 followed with some sad news regarding 1UP and the passing of Kenji Eno; the illusionary master behind the D franchise and Enemy Zero. It’s been a lot of ups and downs sure, but if there’s one thing that agreeable with everyone is that we’re all just grateful to look forward to the future and see what it brings, especially March and all of the releases it’ll bring. We’re going to take a look at some cool shit to find on the web per usual out of LTTPG and we’ll encourage one last hurrah of memorial for our favorite blue and white website. Let’s get started shall we?

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PAX East 2012: Life Through The Pixel Glass: Cosplay Edition

So this has been the very first big gaming convention I have ever been to (barely counting Midwest Gaming Classic) and with all the excitement at PAX East, came the appearance of awesome and really elaborate Cosplay. This edition of Life Through The Pixel Glass chronicles the very best Cosplay PAX East had to offer right here at Press Pause Radio, Enjoy!