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Never Forget San d'Oria: Hiromichi hints towards FFXI on the Vita

Recently, Hiromichi Tanak (Final Fantasy XI's former lead designer and producer of Final Fantasy XIV) informed Famitsu that Square Enix is considering making the PS Vita the next platform for its long running MMORPG, Final Fantasy XI. Initially, I was very happy to hear this news; I have been a sporadic player of the ongoing online adventure for years and a handheld alternative seemed like the perfect fit. However the more I daydream about this match made in Heaven, I am starting to realize that it is really a terrible accident just waiting to happen.

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E3 2011 Impressions: Sony


Going into this year’s Electronic Entertainment Expo, Sony had everything to lose. With the recent Playstation Network outage still very fresh in many people’s minds, as well as a lack of information and excitement for their next handheld device, Jack Tretton took the stage to excite the audience for the next wave of Playstation exclusives and products. From my point of view, I believe they did just that and even more.

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