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Bullet Heaven Episode 221 - Galaxy Frontier (PC)

It's time for the Bullet Heaven Series 9 finale! On today's episode: Galaxy Frontier. Not a lot of info is floating around out there, but it was installed along with Rolling Gunner, it's also excatly $0.00 online with a creative commons license and it's pretty freaking fun... but how does it stack up?


Get Galaxy Frontier here

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PPR Presents Play Play: Street Fighter X Mega Man

t’s no secret that we’ve seen the Blue Bomber make appearances within a slew of fighting games like the latest Super Smash Bros for example, but only once have we ever seen a group of brawlers ever step onto Mega Man’s turf; and boy did Capcom make a day out of it.

We pull out our keyboards and USB controllers to navigate the Super Fighting Robot as he challenges the World Warriors of Street Fighter fame and the PPR gang gathers around.

George has some second thoughts about his initial impressions around the game when it first launched while Gil argues that the game is more charming than it ever was if anything else, and Ser is just happy to hear the jarbled nonsense of what a “Shoryuken” sounds like when ran through emulated 8-bit sound processor and more!

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