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Bullet Heaven HD, Episode 70 - Cloudphobia

pisode 70 of Bullet heaven HD takes a look at Marsbound and Rockin' Android's Cloudphobia, the first PC review in the whole series to date! How does this Yoko Doujin shooter fare? Watch to find out!

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QCF: Unepic

nepic, originally released back in 2011, is currently up for bid on Steam’s Project Greenlight. Many people have already played this game, but after looking it up I decided to give it a shot. I have to say that I am thoroughly impressed with what I played. While it has a few problems, being that it’s an indie game from a small team in Europe, I can honestly say that I came away feeling like this title could be released as a boxed game. I think that everyone deserves a chance to play this wonderfully cheeky gem of a game.

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QCF: Seduce Me

rotica in video games (or just erotic centric video games for that matter) primarily occur in Japan. There’s fan base, market, and consistent flow of demand for these titles and one of the main divides encountered is the cultural difference of aesthetic and sociology (primarily that of your standard anime conventions) that drive a split for those who desire an adult relation game. Other than some infamous attempts and the Leisure Suit Larry series, there hasn’t been a title that roots itself with western sensibilities centering on the graphic process of adult courtship for quite some time. Then Seduce Me came around.

Independently developed and published by No Reply Games, this fantasy-driven take towards a trip to a secluded island filled with women desiring companionship possibly fulfills that wide gap of western romance games that we’ve experienced for so long. Yes, the potential seems promising -- if only the game was exciting, or even any good for that matter. Seduce Me fits neither of those descriptions in the slightest.

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City of Steam Preview

Some MMORPGS seem much less accessible than others, which is why MOBAs and other strategy games currently dominate the multiplayer world. One studio, however, wants to revitalize the connection between in-game lore and player interest that used to make MMOs among the greatest online role-playing experiences.

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QCF: Hairy Tales 

There's often a fine line between what makes a good and bad puzzle game. While some puzzles can be deceptively hard and rewarding in certain games, other puzzles for some reasons can just be frustrating. And when a game is made of nothing but these challenges, you better be sure that they're fun and well designed, because without anything else, a pure puzzle experience just doesn't have much to fall back on.

Hairy Tales is very much one of those pure experiences. It's a cheap little game that's all about its main mechanic and little else. And while that can be commendable for a pure gameplay centric title, sometimes it just doesn't work.

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Bullet Heaven HD, Episode 57 - A.O. Suguri X 

ROUND 2... FIGHT! ...SHOOT!... Uh, OK, I'll stop that now. In this episode of Bullet Heaven HD we take a look at another nifty genre bender in the vein of Senk no Ronde (Xbox 360)! How does it stack up? 

Special thanks to Rockin' Android for giving us this copy for review!! 

Did you like what you saw here today? Questions and comments are not only welcome but encouraged! Season 3 is a wrap! See you all in Season 4, STARTING SOON! 


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QCF: Stay Dead

Indie efforts generally labor towards the riskier side of things when it comes to developing games. Applying niche genres to their games isn’t too far from said practice and BRUCE Film studios aimed pretty high when they sought to make the FMV (Full-Motion Video) genre relevant again with their latest PC release Stay Dead. Although reliving an era that brought us classics like Double Switch and Wing Commander seems debatable, Stay Dead enforces all the genre’s shortcomings and somehow finds a way add even more flaws.

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QCF: Offspring Fling!

Offspring Fling is a nice blend of puzzle/platform, and the rules are simple enough. As the momma, your job is to get the babies to the door safely. The offspring can be carried (even stacked up) or flung in a straight line. The stage layout and placement of puzzle elements are the barrier to your success. Switches enable or disable blocks, bumpers ricochet objects, enemies will actively obliterate your kin, and so-on. Each new stage gradually incorporates more set peices, and thickens the complexity of the challenge.

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