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Bullet Heaven, Episode 212 - Ikaruga Full Compare & Switch Review

In episode 59 of Bullet Heaven, we took a look at the XBLA version of Ikaruga on the Xbox 360. We really love Ikaruga, and with the recvent Switch version, we though it'd be neat to compare every home version of "Project RS2" to the most recent iteration of this amazing classic. How does it stack up?


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PPR Presents Play Play: Super Mario Sunshine

o matter what camp you’re in when it comes to this argument, no response to a Super Mario game has ever been this mixed or polarizing as the one that has the iconic plumber wearing a backpack with a super soaker attached to it.

Join Gil, Ser, and George, as they setup and gab about Super Mario Sunshine in this latest Play Play; an endeavor that will set the stage for Ideals to comes to blows, and sides to be challenged, and one of the most colorfully dangerous amusement parks you’ve ever seen. 

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