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Mudprints Unboxes FHR: Hyperkin RetroN HD

e bought a RetroN HD, unboxed it... and reviewed it?! Get Ready for the first-ever Mudprints Unboxes Full Hardware Review (FHR)! How does the Hyperkin RetroN HD hold up? Let's take a look!

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Bullet Heaven, Episode 179 - Hector '87/Starship Hector (FC/NES)

ullet heaven SAGAs returns! Following up from Hudson Soft's 1986 Star Soldier, In Volume 3 of the Star Soldier Saga, we're taking a look at the first series offshoot from the series proper: Hector '87! It's a ridiculously hard game that pretty much requires a turbo controller... but how does it stack up?


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Bullet Heaven, Episode #161 - Star Soldier Saga Vol.1: Star Force

Tecmo may not have especially many shooting games uner its belt - they're much more famous for their fighting games and early sports titles - but one very early arcade title shook up what people knew about space shooters and singlehandedly created a whole subgenre: The Caravan Shooter. Released to the Famicom in 1985, Star Force paved the way for the venerable Star Soldier Series... but how does it stack up?  

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PPR at the Movies: Nintendo Quest Review

henever you talk to anyone about video games, and I mean anyone, no matter their walk of life, or intimacy with the pastime, there’s one name that’s bound to come up, and is easily one of the most notable consoles in gaming, even to this day—the Nintendo Entertainment System.

The reverence for Nintendo’s 8-bit game box is a palpable force among both older, and youthful generations of game enthusiasts; which is why titles from its game library are still the among most sought after games to collect out of any other console out there.

Which brings us to one man, Jay Bartlett—a young adult dude who’s attributed a great deal of his being to then influence and wonder that the NES has given him, straight out of London, Ontario.

So much so that he’s teamed up with friend and independent film maker, Rob McCallum, to set out on what they call the social experiment of a lifetime. The pair sets their sights on collecting every NES game they can within 30 days, without the use of the internet, sticking exclusively with in-person transactions on a cross-country trip through the USA, and doing so all in a documentary they call, “Nintendo Quest.”

As far as a video game documentaries go, this premise is loaded with potential, tapping into a campaign that nearly anyone who’s ever played a video game can identify with, to some extent.

Unfortunately, this is where the film fails to follow through.

We’re set up for a journey with what we originally were lead to believe to be one with an underdog that’s attempting the impossible, and what we’re taken on instead is an underwhelming pursuit that barely sticks to its own outline of rules, and a protagonist that’s really challenging to relate to.

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PPR Presents Play Play: NES Remix 1+2 

intendo’s no stranger to pandering to all of the inner-children within us by tugging at our nostalgia, but in this case, we might have found an exception that does more than cater to rose-tinted fandom. Ser sits on in with George, and checks out what he’s missing on the Wii U with both, NES Remix and NES Remix 2. We check out all the nifty little tweaks and nuances, and argue over whether or not Nintendo’s still got the touch. They also get into about it Kirby games, and some other dumb shit, but that’s just the norm with them anyway.

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PPR presents Play Play: Star Tropics

ne of the strangest first-party games from Nintendo, a western-ass western game developed for the star Japanese console. Star Tropics is a little weird, a little bit of a gem even, but none of that matters because Rob Rich fucking hates this game. Before we get into some Halloween fun with our Play Plays, we decided to dive into a little bit of this forgotten game and plead that Nintendo brings bit back, or maybe we decide that it’s better off dead, who knows…

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PPR Presents Play Play: DuckTales 2

apcom and WayForward brought back the Duck with the bucks, and while the game holds up in its own little ways, too few have ever been able to check out the rare sequel that released late within the NES’ lifespan. George and Ser bring you the latest Play Play, where we tackle the elusive DuckTales 2, and discuss why it’s a shame that a lot of people haven’t played it.

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QCF: DuckTales Remastered

s binary as the term “remake” would suggest by definition, the reality can actually elicit a variety of responses, anywhere from positive to “this is horse-shit.”  I’ve mentioned nostalgia quite a number of times and the sensitivity that revolves around applying it when you’re remaking a game versus re-releasing it.

The dilemma of mishandling swings both ways, you either desecrate the source material and kick the loyalists right in the childhood, or you over coat your product with the rose-tinted sugar of reminiscence that panders down memory lane instead, isolating your audience from the youngsters who’re late to the party, and just don’t get what the fuss was all about.  There are certain exceptions to this scenario, where the experience is so brilliant that they’re regarded as a timeless treat to everyone who plays them—to be completely honest, DuckTales is not one of those exceptions; and that what makes DuckTales Remastered amazing…WayForward recognized that the sacred cow wasn’t beyond the flaws of time.

The studio famous for injecting whimsy and charm, made subtle tweaks to an admittedly aged but solid formula, and in the process, adapted a twenty-four year old gem into a game that appeals to everyone in today’s video game generation.

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