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Evo 2016: The MIX Indie Showcase

he MIX stands for the Media Indie Exchange which is a colaboration between the MIX and Evo to showcase games from indie game developers to the hardcore fighting game and competitive players. From the offical Media Indie Exchange website, the MIX states "The fighting game community (FGC) is a tight-knit culture who share a lot in common with Indies.

Both are interested in system design, have grassroots community backgrounds; both appreciate well-crafted game design, mechanics and both understand that games are only as fun as the people you can play with and talk to. The MIX and EVO are independent productions who strive to develop their cultures and bring people together to share amazing experiences". We were able to play and speak with the developers of several titles on the Evo floor, a few we enjoyed and some that seemed a little out of place but worth discussing either way. 

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QCF: Pokkén Tournament

 think it’s safe to say that by this point, no one who isn’t familiar with the concept of Pokémon, even by a little bit, is a stranger to the vast expanses of its giant monster filled world. We’ve extensively covered the various spin-off titles offered by the series, but there was always one particular genre of game that was strangely missing from the lineup of titles billed around battling collectible monsters with another; a competitive fighting game.

In a collaboration with Bandai Namco and The Pokémon Company, one of the most ambitious spin-offs in the franchise has now broken ground onto the Wii U with Pokkén Tournament, a project that was headed by the same force responsible for Tekken. The potential here sounds like a match that’s worthy of Helix Fossil’s praise, but Namco Bandai’s track record with Tekken and other collaborative efforts (*cough TEKKEN VERSUS STREET FIGHTER) has been a little to spotty not be worried.

It’s definitely not as complex, or as deep as the as the source material that it stems from, but the fighting engine at work, but it is built with just the right blend of accessibility and frenetic adrenaline to please both fighting game gurus, and Pokéfanatics alike.

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Bullet Heaven HD, Episode 146 - Senko no Ronde DUO

n episode 55 of Bullet Heaven HD, we took a look at Wartech: Senko no Ronde on the Xbox 360. As a solid mashup of both a bullet hell shooter and a versus fighter, we enjoyed it quite a bit, despite its clunky controls. Senko no Ronde Duo followed up the original in 2010... but is it better? Let's take a closer look.  

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QCF: Super Smash Bros for 3DS

hen a name becomes more and more distinguished over time like Super Smash Bros has, the occasional fumble or two can easily be overlooked, like it never even happened at all; and at the Chagrin of Super Smash Bros Brawl, the expectations for the latest sequels to bear the Smash name have never been higher.

While the 3DS version out of the pair of new games, has quickly gotten the label of being the B-choice release, the experience it has to offer is by no means the case. Everything that’s been jam packed into this port is very much faithful to those very same lofty expectations I mentioned earlier, and dare I say, Super Smash Bros for 3DS went on even further to surpass them.

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PPR @ Hal-Con - Ralston Arcade

e all love fighting games here at PPR. Whether we're trouncing around in the giant robots of Tech Romancer, wailing on opponents with a hefty stick in Soul Calibur or Shinku-Hadokening our way to victory in Street Fighter, one thing stands perfectly clear; at PPR, Fight is Might.

In Halifax, there are also other groups with very much the same philosiphy, and they have grown considerably in the last few years. At the core of it all is Ralston Arcade. Ralston Arcade is one of Atlantic Canada's premier fighting game streaming organizations, spanning four provinces and covering numerous tournaments, complete with live streaming.

At the head of this group is Micheal Daniels, and Press Pause Radio had a chance to catch up with him for a Q&A on Ralston's origins and future. 

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PAX Prime 2013: Breaking into Killer Instinct

s the screen clashes against streaks of ink and the vociferous commentary from the Zealous announcer, Rare’s effort gradually shown brighter and brighter, and after getting some flicks of the arcade stick in, Killer Instinct is no soppy cash-in on cult-favorite nostalgia, it’s shaping up to be a labor of love instead.

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QCF: Injustice: Gods among us

onathan and Martha Kent knew they had their hands full. The moment they discovered a baby aboard an alien spaced pod that crashed into their cornfield on that fateful day years ago, their parenting and the legacy of Jor-El’s omnipresent recordings have instilled the morals and virtue that helped mold Clark Kent into the strongest keeper of justice the galaxy has ever known—but what if that wasn’t enough?

Superman may arguably be the most powerful being in the universe, but ironically he’s also the most human, and with those distinctions comes its limits. NetherRealm Studios aims to explore what happens when the last son of Krypton is pushed beyond his last limit in Injustice: God among Us.

DC vets Palmiotti, Gray, and the rest of the label work in collaboration with Mortal Kombat creators to continue the streak of good luck that the comic book license has seen in games by producing the ultimate comic book fantasy from the DC universe, and deliver it in a solid game at the same time. After some time to indulge the title, both the DC fanboy and the video game player inside of me left their room, got together, and happily shook hands with one another as they spent the afternoon having a solid romp with an experience that created the all too coveted common ground they have been searching for.

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QCF: Playstation All Stars Battle Royale

ince it’s unveiling earlier this year, Playstation All Stars Battle Royale has constantly received comparisons to another system exclusive fighting game. All throughout this year, I was one of those people commenting on the similarities and how Sony and Superbot Entertainment were simply capitalizing on a formula that has been proven to work. I am very happy to report that after many hours of playing across the single player and multiplayer modes, the final product does not just compare to the other mascot brawler on the market, it does even better and in doing so exceeds my lofty expectations.

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