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Bullet Heaven, Episode 199 - Aqua Kitty UDX (Switch)

Since 1981, Many games have been made that empoly the core structure of Williams' Defender. We have taken a look at quite a few games that employ one or several of these mechanics in the past, and now it's finally time to check out Aqua Kitty Milk Mine Defender UDX on Nintendo Switch! How does it stack up?


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Bullet Heaven EX, Episode 17 - Diadra Empty Revisited

n episode 77 of Bullet Heaven HD, we took a look at Diadra Empy, a Defender-style sidescrolling shooting game infused with RPG elements. After a sucessful Greenlight campaign, Rockin' Android has finally brought Diadra Empty to Steam with new bells and whistles. But how does it stack up? Let's take a look!


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PPR Presents Play Play: Gaurodan

ure it’s cool to talk trash on the Ouya; in fact, gamers are quick to shit on it the moment any mention of the little android based console is ever uttered—but hey, there are moments when you got give credit where credit’s due.

The kickstarted platform that pledged towards to being a dream box for indie game developers and players alike, has definitely come through with giving them access to the obscure and niche little gems that the community is famous for on their home television sets, and Gaurodan just happens to be one of those gems.

As Gil and Ser bemoan the hardware, George tries to sway the gang to the idea of wrecking carnage and mayhem through the eyes of a nuclear-blast breathing pterodactyl bastard in this latest Play Play. Get set for a tour  of action as the PPR gang takes on this nifty little love letter to video games’ shooting classics like Defender and more in Gaurodan!

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Bullet Heaven HD, Episode 112 - Atari Protoshmups

n the Series 6 premier, we're taking a look at TEN Atari 2600 "Protoshmup"s! Strap in, scale up and "Get Ready" for a look to the very genesis of home console shooting games!


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