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Mudprints Unboxes FHR: Hyperkin Supa Retron HD

t's an exciting age for retro gamers. New dedicated consoles that don;t rely on emulation are being produced to bring classic games to the modern televisison. Some are less great than others, and some of the better options cost way more than many. But We think we've found a great balance between performance and cost for those that may not have the cash to spend on an FPGA soloution or expensive upscalers... and people that don't like Phil Fish.

Hyperkin's Supa retron HD Is an attractive package... but how does it stack up?


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Mudprints Unboxes FHR: Hyperkin Hyperclick Retro Style Mouse 

ou might think that Mario Paint is where the Super NES Mouse begins and ends, but there are all kinds of games that support it. Unfortunately, the original Super NES mouse is far from ideal nowadays, espceically with cheap, effective tech upstaging Nintendo's early-90's hardware. But Hyperkin is striking back with a brand new OPTICAL mouse for the Super NES and Super Famicom! How does it stack up? Let's take a look!!


Be sure to check out Hyperkin for the Hyperclick Mouse and more at https://www.hyperkin.com/

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PPR Presents Play Play: The Combatribes

What happens when you take Mad Max, The Warriors, and insensitive content, and then smash it against a wall constructed from every Japanese sensibility and pop culture trope you could imagine from the 90’s? You get The Combatribes, and man, even after going through all of that, there’s still no way to prepare you for what you’re about to see in this latest Play Play from PPR.

Join Georgie, Ser, and the surly Gil as we take on Roller-Disco Hockey Clown, and a bunch of other nonsensical shit in what could only be described as Neo New, Modern New, Cyborg New, New York—it’s kind of nice to travel back to the days where video games were super stupid; join us won’t you!

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Bullet Heaven HD, Episode 45 - Pop'n TwinBee

We're no stranger to TwinBee here on Bullet Heaven, so it was about time we revisited the series with Pop'n TwinBee on Super Famicom. With a special mode included that allows absolutely anyone play, this particular entry in the series also feels quite different from every other TwinBee game out there...

On this episode, we're welcoming my Daughter as Player 2: Now known on Bullet Heaven as "M-N", this is her first time she's played a shmup ever... and it's also her video debut!

Did you like what you saw here today? Questions and comments are not only welcome, but encouraged.