Mudprints Unboxes FHR: Hyperkin Hyperclick Retro Style Mouse 

ou might think that Mario Paint is where the Super NES Mouse begins and ends, but there are all kinds of games that support it. Unfortunately, the original Super NES mouse is far from ideal nowadays, espceically with cheap, effective tech upstaging Nintendo's early-90's hardware. But Hyperkin is striking back with a brand new OPTICAL mouse for the Super NES and Super Famicom! How does it stack up? Let's take a look!!


Be sure to check out Hyperkin for the Hyperclick Mouse and more at https://www.hyperkin.com/


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This episode of Mudprints Unboxes was made with a unit provioded by Hyperkin for review. The opinions expressed are our own and are not paid for by developers, publishers or any retailers or resellers in any way.


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