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PPR 115

eing told that you’re not good enough to do something sucks; there’s no “if’s”, “and’s”, or “but’s” about it—it’s an incredibly damaging thing to hear, and an even shittier thing to say.

Yet, even though it’s a topic that’s been discussed ad nauseam, it’s still a conversation that the industry and culture of Video Games is struggles with in terms of a mutual resolution that could benefit all parties. To be clear; scaling the difficulty of a game’s challenge in the interest of accessibility has not, and never will, dilute the appeal of game’s charm, or the intended experience—at least when it comes to example of what a GOOD game is anyway.

So why is it that developers like From Software feel the need to clutch at their pearls, and dismiss any discourse surrounding the inclusion of “easy mode” as a misunderstanding of their design fundamentals? Why is it that in the year 2019 that Microsoft is the only leading force behind a customizable controller that can be configured to accommodate a large number of physical impairments for the differently abled? Bizarrely enough, why we still seeing developers throw up flashing epilepsy warnings for their title as it were some sort of backhanded slap to those who’re affected by this debilitating condition?

Join us Press Pause Radio for this important episode as we talk at length about the state of accessibility for player difficulty, and why the demographic for video games can’t just be aimed at the kid who can snipe posers with 360°-No-Scope action. We talk about Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice, The Division 2, Geppy X, Yoshi’s Crafted World, the Next-Generation Sony console, the NEC Super-Grafx console, Astroneers, Mortal Kombat 11, Raiden, the frightening concept of the Easter Bunny, and more!

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PPR Presents Play Play: Titan Souls

he thrill of pushing against overwhelming odds to the brink of death is a fantasy that anyone fan of a good action tale can relate to, but there is such a thing as overkill, and Titan Souls is a prime example of running a bit too far with the concept.

Join George and Ser as they stumble through the pixelated ruins of giants and monsters in Acid Nerve’s Titan Souls, and try to make sense of all death suffered in the process—it’s the kind of shit that will break you from the start.

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PPR Presents Lime Light: Little Nemo: Dream Master

ll these review games and the upcoming releases that will be at E3 has been making us super sleepy lately, if only our trips to Slumberland were exciting like the journeys of Little Nemo. Well, we’re going to try this Friday night. In this latest installment of Limelight, we’re going to revisit one of the cast’s personal favorites and bring you all Little Nemo Dream Master for the NES; you guys enjoyed our Games Club, but now we’re bring you the classic firsthand. Tune in around Friday, June 7th, at 7:30 PM pacific time and join us in the chat on our Twitch page or settle in for the stream right here where George and the crew get down on the get down and might have a couple of brews as they use candy to skin animals alive.

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QCF: You Have to Win The Game

f you grew up with gaming in the late 80s and early 90s, many descriptions come to mind: simple, colorful, entertaining, addictive, and frustrating. Though the last one sounds rather terrible, it wasn’t – especially after learning certain patters and hints in classic side-scrolling games, because who didn’t like finally becoming the champion after several failed attempts?

The above statements represent everything You Have to Win The Game stands for. J. Kyle Pittman set out to create the perfect throwback of every delightfully addictive yet frustrating game he experienced as a child. With subtle hints of gaming pleasures from everything between the Commodore 64 and the NES, it’s safe to say he succeeded.

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PPR Presents Lime Light: Popful Mail

It’s that time again, we’re hosting another Limelight stream! This time around, we’ll be playing one of the rarest and more obscure titles within the Sega CD library, Popful Mail! We aim to play from start to finish (or as far as we feel like getting) in Mail’s, Tatt’s, and Gaw’s journey to stop the evil Muttonhead from unleashing a sealed evil on the land once more. Tune in around Sunday, August 19th at 3:00 PM pacific time and join us in the chat on our Justin.TV account or settle in for the stream right here and witness Sean and I as we stumble our way through one of the hardest Falcom titles in existence…


QCF: Spelunky

I hate Spelunky. I absolutely despise and utterly hate this game. However, I cannot seem to stop playing it. This bastard offspring of Dark Souls and Super Meat Boy is the most punishing gaming experience that I have ever encountered, but it is so charming and on rare occasions rewarding. I say rare because of the simple fact that I die all of the time. With each new start, however, there is another path that may lead to the victory I so desperately need.  For a game to be as cruel and brutal as Spelunky, it is still a great game that has so much to offer just so long as the player has the fortitude and patience to see it through to the end.

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