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QCF: Brandish: The Dark Revenant

ou may or may not know it, but one single name always gets my gaming emotions set to fever pitch. No, it's not Cave, Natch, nor is it Qute or 5BP. or anything else you might be thinking. No, fine sirs and madams, the name in question is, in fact, Falcom. I've been a humongous fan of the Ys series in specific for a very long time, and when Falcom flashed up on my PSP Go's screen for Brandish: The Dark Revenant followed by what looked and sounded like a lost Ys intro, I was understandably psyched.

Brandish: The Dark Revenant is a re-imagining of the 16-bit classic dungeon RPG originally released to a number of computers and consoles, such as the PC Engine, NEC PC-9801, FM Towns, DOS and, most notably, to the Super NES in 1995. It was also published and co-developed, at the time, by Koei. Even in the 16-bit era, Brandish separated itself from the huge influx of RPGs with its unique control and gameplay system. Basically, the game plays much like a first-person dungeon crawler like Wizardry or Arcana with many, many floors, secret rooms and even shops in unexpected places.

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PPR Presents Lime Light: Popful Mail

It’s that time again, we’re hosting another Limelight stream! This time around, we’ll be playing one of the rarest and more obscure titles within the Sega CD library, Popful Mail! We aim to play from start to finish (or as far as we feel like getting) in Mail’s, Tatt’s, and Gaw’s journey to stop the evil Muttonhead from unleashing a sealed evil on the land once more. Tune in around Sunday, August 19th at 3:00 PM pacific time and join us in the chat on our Justin.TV account or settle in for the stream right here and witness Sean and I as we stumble our way through one of the hardest Falcom titles in existence…