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PPR Presents Play Play: Gaurodan

ure it’s cool to talk trash on the Ouya; in fact, gamers are quick to shit on it the moment any mention of the little android based console is ever uttered—but hey, there are moments when you got give credit where credit’s due.

The kickstarted platform that pledged towards to being a dream box for indie game developers and players alike, has definitely come through with giving them access to the obscure and niche little gems that the community is famous for on their home television sets, and Gaurodan just happens to be one of those gems.

As Gil and Ser bemoan the hardware, George tries to sway the gang to the idea of wrecking carnage and mayhem through the eyes of a nuclear-blast breathing pterodactyl bastard in this latest Play Play. Get set for a tour  of action as the PPR gang takes on this nifty little love letter to video games’ shooting classics like Defender and more in Gaurodan!

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PPR presents Play Play: Megaman Unlimited

k, that’s it, we’ll be the first one to say it; Mighty No. 9 is only anticipated as highly as it is because of the lack of new Megaman software from Capcom—it’s the only reason. While some of you are already angrily typing some sort of response as to why we’re dumb or something, we want to bring you guys a Play Play of a certain fan’s response to the void Capcom has maintained, in one of the best love letters the Blue Bomber has yet to receive. We play Megaman Unlimited and it’s awesome, go ahead and click play on the video and then agree with us with the fierceness.

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Life Through The Pixel Glass - 04/18/2013

h man, you guys -- it’s been forever and then some since we’ve done a Life Through The Pixel Glass, hasn’t it? Well from all of the review games we’ve been catching up with on top of the Bioshock Infinite Game Club that rode the coat tails of GDC and PAX East, it’s needless to say that we’ve all been pretty busy. That’s why we’re going to go ALL OUT in this latest one. It’s going to be the biggest LTTPG feature we’ve done up to date.

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QCF: You Have to Win The Game

f you grew up with gaming in the late 80s and early 90s, many descriptions come to mind: simple, colorful, entertaining, addictive, and frustrating. Though the last one sounds rather terrible, it wasn’t – especially after learning certain patters and hints in classic side-scrolling games, because who didn’t like finally becoming the champion after several failed attempts?

The above statements represent everything You Have to Win The Game stands for. J. Kyle Pittman set out to create the perfect throwback of every delightfully addictive yet frustrating game he experienced as a child. With subtle hints of gaming pleasures from everything between the Commodore 64 and the NES, it’s safe to say he succeeded.

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Life Through The Pixel Glass-02/13/2013

nother week, another opportunity to return to our regularly scheduled Wednesday feature, Life Through The Pixel Glass, the weekly culture soaked feature that centers on the video game life style. This particular week will play host to one of the most cherished yet reviled holidays of the year, Valentine’s Day; we were originally going to show off some cool custom valentines cards but Telltale already blew the roof up with that one. In light of this, we figured we would just stick to what we we’re good at and just show you a bunch of cool shit instead…

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Life Through The Pixel Glass-01/30/2013

ife Through The Pixel Glass returns this week and we have some great stuff around the bend. It’s been a pretty slow end to the month of January following the piece meal buy outs of THQ’s properties, and with the sad news of Juncture Point’s shutdown, we figure we'd brighten up this Wednesday morning with this week’s jam-packed feature.

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QCF: Abobo's Big Adventure

he NES is the most iconic representation of video games to this day. Even after 27 years its fond reverence knows no bounds, and whether you’re a gamer or not its image will remain forever embodied as the avatar of video gaming until the end of time. If you're now thinking, “Gee, I don’t know George, I know the NES is really important to video games but what you’re saying seems a bit exaggerated,” then you may belong to one of two camps: You either never owned or played one, or you didn’t have the opportunity to experience many of the games for it beyond Super Mario Bros and so on.

Well, you’re in luck, because not only does Abobo’s Big Adventure hit home with anyone who’s ever been graced with an NES in their childhood but it also manages to spectacularly cater to both of the aforementioned demographics. Abobo’s Big Adventure steps up and then owns up to the daunting responsibility of representing it’s source material and its best form and becomes more than just a simple tribute game.


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Life Through The Pixel Glass-01/16/2013

efore I start the latest Life Through The Pixel Glass, I have some opinions I need to catapult off my chest. They’re heavy and hard, so get ready.

Yesterday treated everyone to some ugly controversy, didn’t it? I expressed my opinions earlier on my personal Twitter and yeah, I may have some peculiar points to make regarding the subject, but bear with what I have to say before you choose to angrily comment.

Do I take offense to the Zombie harlot resin statue? Absolutely, but only because of the context and the purpose of the statue’s existence is the main reason why, and maybe not so much the statue itself. To elaborate, I’m angry towards the manner in which the bust came to be: a shallow marketing device created from nothing more than a tasteless attempt to infuse the theme of the source software it promotes into a sculpt of sexually provocative torso of a mutilated woman, and with cleavage conveniently kept intact.

In another outlet like the venue of modern art from artists such as Danny Dickblood, David Choe, or Alex Pardee, this kind of portrayal isn’t far from out of the ordinary. I’ve seen more "controversial" pieces made, but overall, this statue isn’t art -- it’s garbage.

Why is it garbage? Because it’s an incentive to sell a video game at a higher price, and it’s insulting that Publishers and PR thinks that exploiting sexual objectification of the female body is appealing to consumers, and that this is what sells to the general demographic that is the video game community. So no, the statue isn’t art, and never will be. The portrayal of sex in any aspect has always been a tricky social rope of Do’s and Don’ts, and mistakes happen when we tread this kind of territory. I just hope similar topics in the future won’t be as egregious as this fucking statue since, you know, the industry IS better than what was shown recently, and hopefully took notes on how not repeat this sort of insensitive blunder again.

Anyway, on to the feature, hope you folks enjoy it.

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