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PPR Presents Play Play: Mega Man X: Maverick Hunter

eiji Inafune has his hands pretty full living when it comes to living the dream. Dude’s essentially been able to carry on the spirit of his beloved Blue Bomber through the likes of still developing Mighty No.9 and the upcoming arrival of his other project, Azure Striker Gunvolt, next week—both have an avoidably bright glow of aromatization for Classic Mega Man in numerous ways.

The writing on the wall has been pretty clear that Mega Man isn’t a priority at the moment for Capcom, and while fans eagerly play these spiritual successors, one has to wonder about the fate of another Mega Man franchise that’s strangely been absent in recent years; Mega Man X.

Gil and George discuss these things, Dragon Ball Z, and more nonsense as they check out the penultimate game of the series for this latest Play Play—Mega Man X: Maverick Hunter.

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QCF: Shovel Knight

ot that it's a bad thing, but retro styled games are practically everywhere now. Both visually and gameplay wise tons of products on the indie scene are embracing gaming's origins to varying degrees. Some are parodies like Super Meat Boy or Retro City Rampage, while a smaller batch are genuine attempts at capturing the actual feel these classics gave us in the very beginning. Shovel Knight is the latter.

While many games fall short of replicating the mediums glory days, Shovel Knight does the near impossible and surpasses it. If you've been looking for a new benchmark in retro gaming then the day has finally arrived. Shovel Knight is the real (old school) deal.

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QCF: Super Time Force

dmit it, regardless of acknowledging the potential gravity of any of the possible penalties for trifling with such affairs, if you could affect the outcome of any event in existence by having control and mastery over time; you would totally rock the shit out of the space-time continuum. Despite all of the complex rubrics and conduct surrounding the details of time travel, the concept has never been too foreign or daunting for anybody to not fantasize about, and the fantasy of going back and doing things differently with pre-meditative insight on the past is too tempting to walk away from.

So now, imagine the opportunity of governing over it with force, Super Time Force; Capy’s insane gun-toting bullet buffet of an answer ironically modernizes old-school sensibilities with a time-travelin’ tribute that travels in time to bring us a game that…uses time trav…it would be best to stop before all of our heads start hurting.

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PAX East 2014: Feeling young again with Shovel Knight

ore often than not, we see independent developers task themselves towards producing games that do nothing more than romanticize games of the past; only a handful of them introduce ideas that stand them tall above the rose-tinted masses one-dimensional nostalgia.

Therefore, it's quite a feat when you see something like Yacht Club Game's Shovel Knight excel by doing the exact opposite. The Blue Digger’s adventure passionately celebrates the giant melting pot of NES tributes that it is and manages to conjure the perfect storm of design that's fun for veterans and new comers alike in the process.

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PPR presents Play Play: Megaman Unlimited

k, that’s it, we’ll be the first one to say it; Mighty No. 9 is only anticipated as highly as it is because of the lack of new Megaman software from Capcom—it’s the only reason. While some of you are already angrily typing some sort of response as to why we’re dumb or something, we want to bring you guys a Play Play of a certain fan’s response to the void Capcom has maintained, in one of the best love letters the Blue Bomber has yet to receive. We play Megaman Unlimited and it’s awesome, go ahead and click play on the video and then agree with us with the fierceness.

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Life Through The Pixel Glass-11/30/13

hese days, more and more people seem to get more excited about the advent of Black Friday than the ACTUAL Holiday that precedes it; it’s kind of a bummer—especially since people keep getting hurt or even killed over savings. So here’s a friendly reminder, be thankful.

Showing gratitude for your way of life this holiday weekend and appreciating the small privileges you take for granted like the opportunity to read this editorial on some dumb video game website for instance, is habit that’d be healthy for all 365 days of the year but on the day of Thanks and the .

Spread it around with everyone and especially the ones that you love.

So that’s enough of that shit, let’s get on with the real meaty Sir Loin of this latest entry to Life Through The Pixel Glass; there’s so much superficially worthless cool garbage trash to get excited about you guys! Let’s go!

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QCF: Street Fighter x Mega Man

ega Man has been all but a whimsical phantom during 2012. 2011’s cancellation of Mega Man Universe followed up by Capcom terminating the sequel to the Mascot’s cult-favorite franchise, Mega Man Legends 3, had many Capcom supporters and players scratching their heads as the 25th anniversary of the blue bomber was fast approaching. Reality for Mega Man only seemed grimmer since Keiji Inafune left Capcom, and the only significant appearance the beloved character made in 2012 was in a cross-over fighting game cameo that went a step further to depict him in a parody that caricatured a particularly unfavorable appearance from his past.

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Life Through the Pixel Glass-12/12/2012

o for those of you who follow the site regularly, you may already be familiar with Life Through the Pixel Glass. This feature belongs to Catie (and it still does, so no worries needed) that focused on the art and culturist aspect of the video game community, and it still does for the most part. We’re currently experimenting with the feature and adding more, like links for other things involving independent studio spotlights or Kickstarter endorsements. We’ll be doing a little bit of both and try balancing the feature to basically be something fun that we can do with the site in order to interact with the listeners and readers of Press Pause Radio.

Life Through the Pixel Glass will be authored by either yours truly or Catie, as we take turns in order to work with each other’s schedule. The goal is to post one every Wednesday since it’s just that awkward day in the week where nothing really happens. Throw in some feedback if you guys have any. We’re totally open to some crowd sourcing for future content. Enjoy!

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