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QCF: Tomodachi Life

m? Oh, yeah, I'm still here. Hard to stay focused with such an interesting microcosm brewing within the confines of my 2DS though. I'll try to stay on topic, but I'm also kind of watching an epic rap battle go down between George and Daeruna here too, so...

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Life Through The Pixel Glass-11/30/13

hese days, more and more people seem to get more excited about the advent of Black Friday than the ACTUAL Holiday that precedes it; it’s kind of a bummer—especially since people keep getting hurt or even killed over savings. So here’s a friendly reminder, be thankful.

Showing gratitude for your way of life this holiday weekend and appreciating the small privileges you take for granted like the opportunity to read this editorial on some dumb video game website for instance, is habit that’d be healthy for all 365 days of the year but on the day of Thanks and the .

Spread it around with everyone and especially the ones that you love.

So that’s enough of that shit, let’s get on with the real meaty Sir Loin of this latest entry to Life Through The Pixel Glass; there’s so much superficially worthless cool garbage trash to get excited about you guys! Let’s go!

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QCF: Animal Crossing: New Leaf

This Review was Freelanced by Cody Winn; you can find his other work here.

f there's one thing that really impresses me as a gamer, it's when a developer gives me control of their game world; lent trust and the magical brush of creation, or even just modification, I become obsessed for months on end, singing the game's praises and praising the game's every pixelated inch. With a game like Animal Crossing: New Leaf, I control my destiny -- even if it comes at the price of being monetarily enslaved by a raccoon.

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