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QCF: Super Time Force

dmit it, regardless of acknowledging the potential gravity of any of the possible penalties for trifling with such affairs, if you could affect the outcome of any event in existence by having control and mastery over time; you would totally rock the shit out of the space-time continuum. Despite all of the complex rubrics and conduct surrounding the details of time travel, the concept has never been too foreign or daunting for anybody to not fantasize about, and the fantasy of going back and doing things differently with pre-meditative insight on the past is too tempting to walk away from.

So now, imagine the opportunity of governing over it with force, Super Time Force; Capy’s insane gun-toting bullet buffet of an answer ironically modernizes old-school sensibilities with a time-travelin’ tribute that travels in time to bring us a game that…uses time trav…it would be best to stop before all of our heads start hurting.

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PAX Prime 2012: Nights--Hands-on interview with Jeff Beckham

I once read an article in an old issue of Electronic Gaming Monthly that compiled and listed the top 100 (domestic) video games of all time. While the list contained many of the games I was apparently savvy enough to pick up before they were considered all-time greats, there were a great many from a system I never had until long after its demise: the Sega Saturn.

One such game was NiGHTS Into Dreams, a game that debuted the Saturn 3D Analog Controller and came pretty close to being un-classifiable. Was it a platformer? Flight-sim-lite? A racing game?

One thing was certain: it was very popular, and very scarce in my neck of the woods, but I managed to track both it and a Saturn down to see what all the fuss was about which, all told, was a very long endeavour. And worth it. But now, there's a better way for people to be able to experience this goodness; recently, NiGHTS Into Dreams was announced as a downloadable title on the PSN and XBLA Marketplace making this fairly highly sought-after title much easier to obtain and experience on platforms that much better accommodate NiGHTS' ambitious features.

And while I could go into the finer points of what makes NiGHTS great, it's a 16-year-old game and this isn't a review. But chances are, if you're reading this, you already know NiGHTS is awesome.

I caught up with Jeff Beckham at the Sega booth for a bit of Q&Q about the upcoming PSN and Xbox 360 HD downloadable version of NiGHTS Into Dreams!

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QCF: Awesomenauts

What the heck is a MOBA? Well, apparently it stands for "Multiplayer Online Battle Arena". I learned something today, because it just so happens to be exactly what Awesomenauts is.

Developed by Romino Games and published by DTP on XBLA and PSN, Awesomenauts is basically an 80's-Cartoon-themed, side-scrolling, run-and-gun-styled online demolition match. Sounds... well, awesome, right? Woah there, just settle in for a bit. We'll get to how awesome this game is in a second. As for anyone looking for an in-depth single player campaign with an involved story? You need not apply. The extent of your single player experience will literally be practice stages versus bots in preparation for actual online play and for the most part, the experience is identical.

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QCF: Sonic The Hedgehog 4: Episode II


Just shy of two years and having some releases in between, Sonic Team and Dimps join up again to release the next installment of their episodic series, Sonic The Hedgehog 4. Touted as the spiritual successor to Sonic CD, Episode II promises an experience catering to both new and old fans (the way Episode I intended to). But after two years, is it really worth the same excitement we wasted the first time around? Yeah, actually -- it’s worth that and a bit more.

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Video Games and Contractual Business Models

The video game industry used to be very flexible. You bought a game, popped it into your console, and let the magic begin. If you wanted to, you could invite a friend over for some two-player action. No restrictions, no subscriptions, and no DRM since it was unneeded. The internet, however, changed how we play, purchase, and pay for our games -- for better or worse.

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Bullet Heaven, Episode 49 - Sine Mora

Sine Mora is shaking the XBLA Shmup scene with its awesome time-based gameplay and incredible style and presentation! Watch to see why this is a shooter you definitely want to play on your Xbox 360!

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Bullet Heaven HD, Episode 48 - Indie 3: 2012

Back by the sheer popularity of the 2011 Indie 3 (Bullet Heaven Episode 28), it's time once again for a brand new Indie 3 episode! In this episode of Bullet Heaven HD, we take a look at three games that cost just a buck apiece (80 MS Points)! You just can't get too much with a dollar these days... but are these games a solid investment?

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Bullet Heaven HD, Episode 43 - Gunstar Heroes

In this episode of Bullet Heaven, we review the series' first run-n-gun, and man, is it a classic! Get ready for Gunstar Heroes! As the legendary Treasure's first ever effort, can it shine as brightly as it did in 1993? Daeruna and I tackle it in HD on the PS3!

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