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PPR Presents Limelight: Sea of Thieves Beta

vast ye mateys and all that other crazy pirate speech and shit; we be here to stream you some gameplay of Sea of Thieves, the newest title from Rare developed exclusively for the Xbox One and Windows 10!

Toast will be surfing high water in hopes of pillaging all the booty and glory in the name of Press Pause Radio in this exclusive beta that he’ll be streaming in this latest edition of Limelight. All hands hoay at 7PM Pacific/10PM Eastern on our Twitch channel! Check it out!

Watch live video from PressPauseRadio on www.twitch.tv


QCF: ReCore

t’s bizarre to me that in a medium that spends so much time romanticizing its past through a modern filter for audiences both old, and new, that there’s this weird bygone era in video games that hardly receives the same kind of attention—the 3D Platformer. One could argue that the nuances of the side-scroller will forever stand the test of time in contrast with that of games like Banjo–Kazooie, or Spyro the Dragon, doomed to fall in line with a specific aesthetic or design, but I think the formula deserves more than that, and personally, that outlook always came off like a copout.

Which is why Armature Games’ ReCore is a refreshing experiment to that sentiment; an open-world action adventure title that embraces the age-old “collect-a-thon” conventions of the 90’s, within a large open world game that’s still designed with modern sensibilities in mind.

The refreshment doesn’t last though as the title has one of the most unstable game engines to have ever been released out of a first-party title, and will often reduce the charming experience that ReCore has to offer into a steaming pile of garbage.

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t isn’t often that the visual style of a game in motion can be so evocative to the mind, and on that same token, so indicative to the disquietude that lingers after your each, and every move on screen—it’s a feeling that’s eerie, yet fascinating.

Playdead’s latest venture for the Xbox One delivers that sort of vibe in every sense you could think of, and then some—the spiritual successor to LIMBO is an evolution in every aspect, from its enthralling puzzle design, to its chilling conveyance of atmosphere.

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QCF: Rare Replay

hen you’ve been in the business of developing games for over thirty years, the work and charm you put into your games gets more and more noticeable. In the case of Rare though, this sort of quality that truly defined them, and pushed them to get where they are today.

A brand that was once synonymous with a certain gaming giant, and responsible for vast majority of the gems available on their hardware nearly two decades before, has since found a new home, and been quietly established a new identity with the big M ever since.

Granted, it is fourteen years late, but the giant has finally decided to host one best celebrations to be found on a commemorative game collection called Rare Replay; an assortment of classics to bear the Rare name (well, most of them anyway) in a value priced package priced at just thirty dollars.

While the deal alone makes the trip down memory lane worth all the hype, the attention to detail and care put into this title, makes it one of the best love letters to video games that I’ve seen in years.

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QCF: Halo: The Master Chief Collection

efore military shooting affairs were all the rage, Microsoft penned all of its hopes on a series, one that  eventually become the flagship brand that defined it—a space marine fantasy filled with as many guns, aliens, and bits of action that could fit on to the disc; Halo set the first-person shooting genre on fire.

That was then though, and like it or not, the shooter landscape has long moved on from the prime of Bungie’s galactic odyssey, and even in spite of 343’s development of Halo 5; the relevance of the franchise is arguably still up in the air as far as mainstream shooting appeal is concerned.

Enter the Master Chief Collection, an ambitious collection that containing upgraded revisions of the four main titles, complete with online integration that allows for a combination of the various elements and nuances of from each entry to experiment and customize with.

Indeed, questioning the value offered within this arrangement of games itself, is a hard-pressed argument to counter; but considering the jump to better hardware and age of these particular games being hyped here—the expectations are respectively loftier the second time around.

So it’s sad to say that when it comes down to it—The Master Chief Collection barely justifies it’s worth beyond being anything more than a budget bundle with a savvy price tag—the reality is that it’s simply a glorified revision of games that scantly improve upon the originals that we’ve all played to death years ago.

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PPR 58

With E3 in full swing and conferences from the Big Three already in the books, everyone is buzzing with excitement about all the new games and technology that will be in store for the next year. On Sunday evening before the conference was underway, the crew sat down to discuss their predictions for this year's expo. How close were their predictions to what has actually happened at the convention so far? And will there still be some news to follow in the days to come? We will discuss this and much more on this week's episode of Press Pause Radio. Join in on the E3 conversation on our Facebook and Twitter page, as well as on the site and in our forums. Be sure to come back in a few days as we recap all the happenings from E3 2012!

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E3 2012: Microsoft Keynote Live Blog


Video Games and Contractual Business Models

The video game industry used to be very flexible. You bought a game, popped it into your console, and let the magic begin. If you wanted to, you could invite a friend over for some two-player action. No restrictions, no subscriptions, and no DRM since it was unneeded. The internet, however, changed how we play, purchase, and pay for our games -- for better or worse.

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