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GDC 14: Exposing who the Character is, instead of what they do

he art of weaving an engaging fiction for the most interactive media in existence pens out like one of the easiest tasks in game development. The reality, however, is far from it. As we’re entering into the eighth generation of video games, an age where the latest foundation of tech at hand can simulate the most realistic of atmospheres and imagery, games still struggle to escape the trappings of the self-derived conceit that is ludonarrative dissonance, among other shortcomings -- Why?

The journey to fix these flaws and expand storytelling into new, more refined territories is a challenge that several developers attempt to tackle during every Game Developers Conference. While last year’s efforts focused on what could improve the writing that composes these tales, this year tackles the art of direction and engagement, and factors that motivate the gamer to emotionally invest into the narrative.

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Life Through The Pixel Glass - 04/18/2013

h man, you guys -- it’s been forever and then some since we’ve done a Life Through The Pixel Glass, hasn’t it? Well from all of the review games we’ve been catching up with on top of the Bioshock Infinite Game Club that rode the coat tails of GDC and PAX East, it’s needless to say that we’ve all been pretty busy. That’s why we’re going to go ALL OUT in this latest one. It’s going to be the biggest LTTPG feature we’ve done up to date.

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GDC 2013: Expanding The Future of Storytelling With Forward Thinking

he art of an engaging story is constantly explored when it comes to the realm of video games, and still has an exponential amount to expand regardless of the advances that we have made so far. Storytelling is a factor that’s gained more and more focus in elevating the video game experience to another level. Jesse Schell, author of The Art of Games, takes the stage and talks about the likelihood that we will have the Shakespeare of games. The crowd gradually quiets down the excitement of his session introduction, and takes notice to what the luminary has to say for the future of the medium.

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