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QCF: Moss

n the media that we digest, there exist a plethora of fictional worlds that remain with many of those who have visited them for years on after, purely through the magic of that universe’s inherent intrigue. Video games in particular, have been able to craft exceptionally memorable settings because of the advantage of interaction that they can offer to the players who travel to their worlds, and the introduction of Virtual Reality has opened up a whole new plane of possibilities for world building.

Fledgling developer Polyarc recognized this potential, and sought out to produce a fantasy realm that permeated a larger-than-life sense of adventure that utilized all of the horsepower that the PlayStation VR peripheral could output with their puzzle-based platformer, MOSS. Even though there aren’t many contemporaries that can compare to the ambitious scale of Polyarc’s premier release, to begin with, the team was still able to produce a charming journey with a distinctive identity of its own, and follow through on a promising start towards what may be the first true killer-app that the PlayStation VR has seen since its launch.

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PAX PRIME 2014: Exploring the world of Sonic Boom: Rise of Lyric

ever before have I witnessed something struggle so hard to remain relevant like I have with Sega’s Sonic the Hedgehog, and his laundry list of gimmicks and reinventions over the years. The spiny celebrity has done anything from hosting interspecies relations with a human woman to a werewolf, and so many other endeavors, that it’s no wonder that his appeal has gradually dwindled into disenchantment.

This new direction of the hog going “boom” admittedly comes off like a superficial one at first glance, but after giving it a go, Sonic Boom: Rise of Lyric could possibly be the proficient palate cleanser to all the failed expectations.

Ironically, Sonic Boom’s potential to be a good Sonic game is that it doesn’t try to play like a “Sonic” game at all.

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QCF: The Wolf Among Us-Episode 4

f you’re surprised that our review for the fourth episode of The Wolf Among Us has appeared so soon after the last, you are not the only one. In only about a month we now find ourselves heading towards the final episode, having been let in on what is really going on in Fabletown as well as the identity of whoever has been causing so much trouble. With the ghastly images of Bigby’s last encounter still fresh in his mind, he is only able to lick his wounds and attempt to track down the person responsible for lambasting his body with silver bullets and leaving him for dead.

So does the fourth episode in this dark fairytale give us all the answers in such a short period of time? The question really is are those answers enough for what is about to happen to the Sheriff and the rest of the Fables?

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QCF: Kentucky Route Zero: Act 3

or almost eleven months, I had assumed that the fine people at Cardboard Computer must have been lost on the Zero. It’s understandable, of course seeing as how eerie and mysterious that route can be. However that also meant that the status of the third Act was also unknown. That is, until recently when the game was updated, and the adventures of Conway and his group of mismatched travelers continued.

It required some research and replaying of the first two Acts to catch back up, but now we have come to the halfway point in this tale. I can say confidentially that the story has taken sharp turns along the drive, where a fallen tree and a run-down tavern opens up to some of the most beautiful and serene moments in any video game and the tale remains to be as bizarre and surreal as it is familiar and warm.

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QCF: The Wolf Among Us-Episode 3

e have arrived at the half way mark on this twisted fairytale from the Fables universe, and we begin this episode immediately following a startling discovery. Bigby’s reaction was difficult to choose, so much so that I restarted the episode a few times. My play through of The Wolf Among Us has been so far a story of redemption, the big bad wolf attempting to show humanity in a town almost completely void of it. Several attempts have been made to bring out the beast that dwells within, however the sheriff still tries his best to help the residents of the Woodlands and its rejects. But how much can someone take? What will someone be capable of doing when someone they care about it put in harm’s way? This recent discovery may be the one thing to send Bigby down that dark and violent path, and I’m sure it will not end well.   

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QCF: The Raven - Legacy of a Master Thief

f anyone has noticed over the last few years, it seems as if adventure games are coming back in a big way. With the success of companies like Telltale Games and Double Fine leading a rebirth of the point and click genre, many other games will undoubtedly try to capitalize. So my initial response to seeing The Raven - Legacy of a Master Thief was one of disinterest and disappointment. After playing through all three chapters of this title, I can say that there is disappointment still lingering however not in the way that I would have imagined.

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QCF: The Wolf Among Us-Episode 2

t the conclusion of the first episode of The Wolf Among Us, Sheriff Bigby Wolf was utterly shocked at the grisly scene waiting on his front doorstep. The sirens of police vehicles rotating and swirling around his expressionless face, his eyes however telling a tale larger than the storybooks of their origins. The heroes and villains of some of the most well-known fairytales were actually real, and living amongst normal human beings in New York City. Unfortunately for these refugees, the real world begins to overtake their way of life, leading to crime and unfortunate circumstances. Several sleepless nights have passed since the incident, and now Bigby must block out the haunting visions of what had been lost and begin to find answers.  His search will not be easy, as his anger begins to bubble to the surface all while strings are still being pulled in the background that will affect everyone in the Woodlands.

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QCF: Broken Age Act 1

oing on adventures was something my siblings and I always did when we were children. Exploring paths in the wooded area in our backyard, creating imaginary monsters to battle under incredible odds. However in the process of growing up, those adventures seemed less real and were replaced with responsibilities and an absence of our galaxy-saving endeavors. Adventure is a key component in Broken Age, the runaway Kickstarter success created by some of the most influential minds in the adventure game genre. Does Double Fine live up to the expectations and pedigree of their past games, or is this adventure something we all have grown out of?

To answer that question, first we should look at how this game came into being. Double Fine wanted to develop and publish an adventure game that was reminiscent of their classics titles such as Day of the Tentacle and Grim Fandango. However with current trends and lack of interest from most publishers, Tim Schaffer and company wanted to instead have direct support from their dedicated fans and the gaming community. A Kickstarter campaign asking for $400,000 to fund the project concluded with over $3.3 million dollars contributed, raising over $1 million dollars in the first day alone.  Double Fine was going back to a genre that have made companies like Telltale a household name. Thankfully with Act 1 of Broken Age, the company was able to create a great experience and a return to form for fans new and old.

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