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QCF: Fear Effect Sedna

This review was freelanced by Jon McAnally. You can find more reviews and articles written by him over at https://dontfeedthegamers.com/author/jonmcanally/Follow me on the Twitterverse @McAnallyJon

fter a seventeen year chasm in time, the Fear Effect crew is back. Back in the late 90's/early 2000's, the Fear Effect saga brought players to a cyberpunk world full of espionage, digital terrorism, and a unique story brought together by the team of Hana, Glas, Rain, and Deke. While the original title and its sequel, Retro Helix, may serve as a nostalgic gaming experience, there were some major imperfections as far as gameplay and controls. Fear Effect Sedna comes jam-packed with the nostalgia, but is the gameplay overhaul better than what its predecessors could do?

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PPR Presents Play Play: Final Fantasy Type-0 HD

t’s always a joy when the west gets a Final Fantasy game that they originally missed out on, and the deal sounds even sweeter when the game gets an HD facelift to boot; which is why it’s disappointing that this long lost Final Fantasy gem is so disappointing, and violent too.

Like, weirdly violent, if adorably birds being bloodied death doesn’t sound like a good time, then consider this your trigger warning, Final Fantasy Type-0 HD has lots of this shit from the start…

Ser and George attempt to find the fun that the game has to offer, and discuss design elements that they feel would be more ideal for an action RPG title (and they’ll try to find as many as they can in this pretty mess of game too.)

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QCF: Gears of War Judgment

lanet Sera has been victim to the constant siege of the Locust for years now, and the COG has seen better days -- or have they? What if we were taken back to the beginning? To a time where the government sovereignties was still a thing and military tribunals were held to determine the accountability and actions of a Soldier’s survival on the battlefield? For determining judgment, if you will…

Epic Games takes a backseat this go around. From the fine folks from People Can Fly comes the fourth installment that explores where it all started with the snarky Damon Baird and flamboyant Augustus Cole on the frontlines.

While the Gears of War formula has set a standard for third-person shooter-driven gameplay, it’s done little to stray from its foundation, in turn expanding upon it in every way Epic Games could with GOW3. Since the early days of PPR, I have personally endorsed the idea of a Baird/Cole centric campaign on multiple occasions, so the concept of Judgment should be just the sort of answer I’ve been clamoring for, right? People Can Fly have expressed their understanding for this like-minded sentiment among returning players, and had their work cut out for them from the very start of the endeavor. Judgment presented to justify yet another entry that could appeal both to fans and newcomers.

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QCF: Anarchy Reigns

latinum Games has been busy going into 2013. Spearheading upcoming releases like Bayonetta 2 and The Wonderful 101 along with staying on track with their collaborative efforts with Konami on Metal Gear Rising: Revengance, there was another title too. What was it again? Oh yeah, that multiplayer beat’em up, Anarchy Reigns.

The action multiplayer-focused title delivers the punches and fan-service for fans of Madworld and Bayonetta, the expectations for a multiplayer title centered on character action combat incited quite a depth of potential considering the studio behind the reigns. The genre of arena based fighters always bring a new element to direct combat that distinguish it from traditional fighting games. More often than not, games which come to mind when one thinks of this category is Power Stone or Super Smash Bros. Whenever the topic enters discussion, Anarchy Reigns tries to expand on this formula.

The end result, however, is a wasteland of missed opportunities populated with rough gameplay that contains a dearth of personality to round out the full circle of disappointment that is Anarchy Reigns.

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