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QCF: I Am Setsuna

he status quo of the modern-day JRPG is getting more, and more polarizing by the year—and a lot of that has to do with the two very distinct audiences that the genre has gradually come to cater to. The term “JRPG” generally triggers thoughts of nostalgia for the genre’s heyday on the original PlayStation and SNES in the nineties, but lately, the definition has expanded into different territories that are now more synonymous with the style, with conventions like relationship building, and permanent character deaths.

There aren’t many earnest options around for the old camp of fans these days, and that’s what makes the original JRPG giant’s attempt to recapture that magic with I Am Setsuna so intriguing, and maybe even a little admirable in some aspects.

The new game from Square Enix is one that spares little time in chasing a legacy that most considered long forgotten, and while some of its methods used to deliver that experience are a bit rough, it still manages to be a memorable love letter that charmingly romanticizes the charms that defined what the genre used to be.

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PPR Presents Play Play: Final Fantasy Type-0 HD

t’s always a joy when the west gets a Final Fantasy game that they originally missed out on, and the deal sounds even sweeter when the game gets an HD facelift to boot; which is why it’s disappointing that this long lost Final Fantasy gem is so disappointing, and violent too.

Like, weirdly violent, if adorably birds being bloodied death doesn’t sound like a good time, then consider this your trigger warning, Final Fantasy Type-0 HD has lots of this shit from the start…

Ser and George attempt to find the fun that the game has to offer, and discuss design elements that they feel would be more ideal for an action RPG title (and they’ll try to find as many as they can in this pretty mess of game too.)

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QCF: Life Is Strange: Episode 3: Chaos Theory

t’s only Wednesday, and already, this week is turning out to be one of the of craziest happenings that you’ve ever lived. Following the aftermath of the life-changing event that the last episode ended with, Max Caulfield is stuck at the heart of the fallout caused from it, and is left with even more questions than answers about her control over the flow of time, but more importantly, she questions just who and what is more important to her as well.

Chaos Theory is the long awaited third entry of the running episodic game of Life is Strange, and while we’re still two more episodes away from the final conclusion of it all; it’s safe to say that this chapter could be the best episode of the series hands-down.

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QCF: Life Is Strange: Episode 2: Out of Time

he last time we saw Max Caldwell, she was coming to grips with confiding the truth about her time bending abilities to the closest friend that she has ever come to know, and the vulnerability on display is one of the central themes at work in Out of Time; the second episode to the saga of Life is Strange.

While a fate bigger than Max hangs over her head and that of Arcadia Bay, this follow-up installment seems to lose perspective on the stage that’s been set into motion, and the result is more baffling than it is effectual.

Without spoiling too much, Max is beginning to get more of a grasp on her situation, thanks to the comfort of sharing her unbelievable situation with Chloe Price; and much of the episode’s content focuses on where they go from there.

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QCF: Life is Strange: Episode 1: Chrysalis 

eenage Adolescence is that weird phase that will most likely stick with us in life more than any other period of our existence, the one identity that everyone is most likely to blur in and out of in their adult life, for better, or for worse. Now imagine having the power to rewind back the flow of space and time to cater to your every whim and desire, or a chance to divert back the makings of a teenage crisis that you could never possibly stomach living down—that’s a promising proposition right?

Well, it’s never really ever that simple, and Dontnod Entertainment’s Life is Strange offers a unique twist on the foundation of choice-driven gameplay that emphasizes that one decision isn’t always easier than the other, and the result creates for engaging roller-coaster of discovery and tragedy.

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PAX PRIME 2014: Hands-On at Square-Enix

quare-Enix brought the goods this PAX for fans of Final Fantasy and Kingdom Hearts alike. Both the upcoming Theatrhythm Final Fantasy: Curtain Call and Kingdom Hearts HD 2.5 Remix were available to play at the Square-Enix booth, and I got hands-on with both.

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PPR Presents Now Showing: 11/28/2013

his current edition of Now Showing is as Japanese as it gets. We’ve assembled a new collection of trailers that showcase the latest and greatest to come from the likes of Atlus, XSEED, Square Enix, and Nis America that prove that the JRPG is more than still just a thing, it’s a movement that’s still followed—Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

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QCF: Tomb Raider (2013)

ronically, we live in a generation of video gaming where technology allows for the most realistic situational simulation of life to date, and yet the gap that measures the suspension of disbelief players have when playing games grows wider in spite of the advances made in development. Titles such as Heavy Rain and The Walking Dead are notable exceptions to the standard, but rarely does a game ever try humanizing the fantastical exodus a player experiences. Crystal Dynamics, however, focused on delivering a title that encompasses this concept.

The cool, confident, and arguably vain Lara Croft that we all grew up with has now transformed into a vulnerable, tender-footed, human protagonist that’s now mixed into series of misfortunate trials that will change her for the rest of her life. Some may argue that Lara’s latest outing maybe controversial for the sake of controversy, but underneath the mud and soundtrack‘s dramatic orchestral reverbs of intensity lies a coming-of-age adventure that represents one of the most genuine experiences in video games today.

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