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QCF: City of Brass

This review was freelanced by Jon McAnally. You can find more reviews and articles written by hiim over at https://dontfeedthegamers.com/author/jonmcanally/Follow me on the Twitterverse @McAnallyJon

pon first hearing of Uppercut Games’ first-person title, City of Brass, I was intrigued as to what Bioshock veterans could bring to the roguelite genre. Add that to the part of me that is desperately awaiting a new Prince of Persia title, and you can understand why I was pretty excited. After getting my hands on it, I wasn’t disappointed; at least, not completely.

City of Brass heavily pulls from the Arabian Nights stylizations. It’s very apparent even in the title’s logo that this game is set in the dark ages of the Middle East, and brings all the mystical Persian Empire-esque wonder with it. Desert sands, scimitars, magic genies, and booby-trapped treasures litter the title in the best ways possible.

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QCF: Transistor

ast year’s PAX East left me with an overwhelming anticipation that I never thought could still manifest itself within this old jaded jerk of a player; it quickly seeded itself into a plantation of hope that gradually grew with every day it’s release date approached closer. I left the Supergiant Games booth with a tear in my eye, knowing that this day would come, when I would be able to reach full circle with their sophomore effort—Transistor.

Granted, the expectations for Transistor may have been tempered with heavy prospects, considering that it rides the coat tails of its famous older-brother Bastion, but the journey of Red and her unlikely ally doesn’t exist to simply prove that lightning can strike twice.

No, what makes Transistor so special is the message it carries; is a message that incredible narrative experiences can be achieved in video games no matter the shape, size, or budget, but more importantly—only done so because it is a video game.

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QCF: The Witch and the Hundred Knight

s much as I've wanted to love NIS America in the past, oh, decade or so, I've found it extremely hard to do so. While Nippon Ichi developed Disgaea: Hour of Darkness, it was actually published by Atlus, so it's no wonder that its localization was top-notch. But it has seemed, time and time again, that every Nippon Ichi game that has seen release since has been nothing more than mediocre tripe at their best... and utterly abysmal at their worst.

The Witch and the Hundred Knight is NIS America's very latest PlayStation 3 outing and their first fully-3D game engine ever produced. Despite having a host of in-depth strategic elements, it's still a pretty straight forward action RPG, so it breaks the typical Nippon Ichi SRPG mould. The real question here is, is The Witch and the Hundred Knight any good? Read on.

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QCF: Ys: Memories of Celceta

This Review was Frelanced by Johnathan Sawyer; you can find his other work here.

s: Memories of Celceta is a new version of Ys IV, replacing Ys IV: Mask of the Sun as the new canon. It is a complete reimagining of what takes place in the past Ys IV games, with some similarities and nods to those releases (characters, music, locations, etc.), but is otherwise a brand new game. This release is the fourth Ys IV game; the other three were developed by Hudson Soft (Dawn of Ys), Tonkinhouse (Mask of the Sun), and Taito (Mask of the Sun: A New Theory), whereas this one was developed by Falcom themselves. The story, the graphics, music, and gameplay were completely overhauled, matching and surpassing what was seen in Ys Seven. This entry gives more light onto when and why Adol Christin (a.k.a. Adol the Red) decided to become an adventurer. Despite being the canon for Ys IV, it takes place chronologically before Ys III / Ys: The Oath in Felghana.

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PPR Presents Game Fest: League of Legends

ey y’all, the last Game Fest didn’t necessarily go according to plan considering that we chose the one night that Blacklight Retribution was getting server maintenance (we will be revisiting this one again folks, don’t fret) but we’re ready to give it another go! This time however, we’re going to be playing a game that’s been requested for us to play the most with you guys; League of Legends. Some of us are completely new and I’m sure everyone else will have fun at our expense or get annoyed…or both! Either way, Check out the stream that Toast will be hosting right here or on our Twitch if you’re not down to join and for those who are; you can prep for the event it’ll be coming together Friday, May 10th, at 7:00 PM Pacific time. In case you were wondering, here are the minimum requirements to play League of Legends.

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QCF: Pandora's Tower

 think it's just about time to call it. The Wii has finally drawn its last meaningful breath. Unless some other game finally makes it to the system that somehow never got its day on North American Shores, this is finally the end for Nintendo's original profitable waggle-wonder. But hold on, that doesn't mean it's time to move on; as it turns out, Pandora's Tower, the final noteworthy word on the Wii, is one that definitely deserves recognition.

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