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QCF: The Legend of Korra

hen it comes to licensed properties, it’s safe to say that video game adaptions have come a long way since the dark ages of the LJN published trash all those years ago.

I mean, there’s Telltale’s work on the Walking Dead and Game of Thrones, Warner Bros’ Shadows of Mordor and Batman Arkham Knight, and lest we not forget; Ubisoft’s swan dive to publish the unexpectedly amazing South Park: The Stick of Truth…I could go on. The point I’m making here is that license games are steadily scrubbing away the nasty stigma that’s plagued them for so long, and it’s really nice.

However, there’s are still the occasional exceptions to the recent trend, ones that falls victim to all those familiar offenses that irrevocably render their once promising future as a video game into nothing more than a hot bag of shit that even a purist fan of the property couldn’t love.

In a painful twist of fate though, the software in question that’s guilty of all these cardinal sins may also just be one of the most unexpected disappointments to have surfaced in 2014 to begin with. Renowned for their exemplary work within the Action genre, Platinum Games were handed the reins to Nickelodeon’s Legend of Korra; and in spite of all of the resources, talent, and enmities the famed Japanese team had at their disposal—the finished product they’ve released may easily just be the worst title the studio has ever developed.

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QCF: Bayonetta 2

here are certain games that are fully aware of the audience they’re intended for—the original Bayonetta was such a title.  The impression of vivacious action and the great deal of spectacle its sultry violence spurs on is the kind of experience that indulges in the very unique spirit of expressionism that can only be realized by video games.

And yet ironically, despite the many eccentric nuances exclusive to the culture of gaming that it did celebrate, it’s appeal and accessibility was arguably a bit niche-sized at best, finding a home within the hearts of only the most hardcore of action fans.

Bayonetta 2 rectifies a great deal of that with Nintendo’s influence, and much to the delight of everyone involved or interested for that matter, it doesn’t compromise any of the distinctive dynamics or personality of the Umbra Witch—quite the opposite actually.

The trifecta of Nintendo, Sega, and Platinum collaboration has not only produced title made of everything that a sequel should be, but Bayonetta 2’s subtle improvements help propel the approachability of it adrenaline-soaked quest into a significantly wider spectrum of player skill and interest that’s good enough to land the Wii U on some wish lists for this holiday season.

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QCF: Anarchy Reigns

latinum Games has been busy going into 2013. Spearheading upcoming releases like Bayonetta 2 and The Wonderful 101 along with staying on track with their collaborative efforts with Konami on Metal Gear Rising: Revengance, there was another title too. What was it again? Oh yeah, that multiplayer beat’em up, Anarchy Reigns.

The action multiplayer-focused title delivers the punches and fan-service for fans of Madworld and Bayonetta, the expectations for a multiplayer title centered on character action combat incited quite a depth of potential considering the studio behind the reigns. The genre of arena based fighters always bring a new element to direct combat that distinguish it from traditional fighting games. More often than not, games which come to mind when one thinks of this category is Power Stone or Super Smash Bros. Whenever the topic enters discussion, Anarchy Reigns tries to expand on this formula.

The end result, however, is a wasteland of missed opportunities populated with rough gameplay that contains a dearth of personality to round out the full circle of disappointment that is Anarchy Reigns.

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