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PPR Presents Late to the Party: Kirby Star Allies

ver the years, Nintendo has been privileged with a large stable of iconic franchises, and enduring characters that have gone on to appeal to audiences across the world, both old and young alike. Among those properties is their adorable pink puff-ball hero, Kirby, a character who had a title on nearly every platform from the company since the days of the NES and GameBoy.

After a year on the market, the gluttonous do-gooder is finally making his debut on the Nintendo Switch with Kirby Star Allies, which, in a surprising twist, is an adventure that’s far more traditional with his earlier outings than some of his more recent affairs. Opting more for refinement than innovation, Star Allies may arguably play it a bit too safe to make a splash among the other stellar platformers currently offered on the new console, but the game is still amazing entry in its own right.

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GDC 16: Celebrating the teamwork of Keep Talking & Nobody Explodes

n spite of all the hype-train madness that VR has brought upon the gaming scene, the potential there is genuinely exciting, and nothing proves that more than the indie title Keep Talking & Nobody Explodes. One of the lead members of the development team, Ben Kane, of Steel Crate Games, took to the stage to discuss the approach they took with the game, and why the asymmetrical cooperation elements of it transcend the concept of simply playing a game itself.

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QCF: Evolve

Disclaimer: The following review of Evolve is from a press build of the game on PC. Because of the lack of online play with a large amount of players, this review is on the offline mode of the game. There was gameplay online with other players with early access, however because this title will be mainly a game with a online multiplayer focus, the final review score will not factor in the online play. We at Press Pause Radio will revise this review as necessary once the final build of the game has released. Thank you.

urtle Rock Studio’s upcoming shooter Evolve has been creating plenty of buzz since last summer when it won the Best of Show award at E3 as well as the Best of Gamescom award, the only title to win both prestigious accolades. After an alpha test on the various platforms and a beta run on Xbox One, the title is now set to release with it’s interesting concept of four human players playing against a fifth player taking on the role of the enemy boss. The brainchild from the same developers as Left 4 Dead has accomplished the goal in creating a multiplayer experience that has a large amount of recapitulation and depth, but the online component will be what decides if the title can live up to it’s potential.

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QCF: Chariot

he concept of royalty truly is a fascinating distinction within humanity’s self-imposed hierarchy over the years. The prestige and responsibility it demands is a balance of finesse and leadership that’s equally important to both sides of the crown—even when that crown might rest upon the head of a self-absorbed, entitled narcissist.

Enter Chariot; a grand mission of tribute to the fallen king, undertaken by his two most loyal retainers, as they drag and push their majesty’s wagon-eered coffin, towards the perfect resting ground for burial so that the matriarch may finally move on to the afterlife.

While the whole thing may sound like a glorified escort mission at first impression, the reality is a delightfully heartwarming test of wits and resilience against the law of physics against a lump on wheels that’s essentially an out-of-body extension of you and your buddy’s skills and abilities—with an added test of friendship thrown in for good measure.

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PAX PRIME 2014: Bringing some friends to Lara and The Temple of Osiris

fter all the hype and dust began to subside, the reveal of Lara Croft and The Temple of Osiris struck a chord that loudly echoed across the land. The news ranged anywhere from a logically nostalgic callback for the license, to a complete surprise of a sequel announcement for a predecessor that never broke beyond the sleeper hit status.

The now affectionately regarded as a continuation of the classic series and characterization of Tomb Raider’s Lara Croft, Temple of Osiris returns to the familiar gauntlet inspired twin-stick co-op platformer setup of Guardian of Light with intensified overhaul of the cooperative multiplayer dynamics.

The upgrades and additional features of Temple of Osiris may just be one of the best directions that Crystal Dynamics could have taken this sequel in, and if this preview is any solid indication of the execution at work so far, then we may very well see 2014’s upcoming cooperative couch-party star by the start of the holiday.

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QCF: Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze

 question that’s been springing up a lot more than it ever has in the past, is why does Nintendo insist on being a proprietary entity within the industry? Why not go third party and bring that trademark “Nintendo magic” to the PS4 or Xbox One; the answer is simple—their games benefit more from them being their own boss than suffering from it.

For example, when the internal R&D departments aren’t developing themselves, they rely on second-party studios that are allowed explicit creative control over some of the company’s most prized properties; enter Retro studios and their sequel to the revived Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze.

Nintendo’s strategy may come off pandering, even to the most dedicated fanboy, but like Super Mario 3D World, impressions aren’t everything and, this cold jungle romp is another delightful gem to celebrate the ownership of a Wii U.

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QCF: Forced

ith platforms like Steam and the new wave of online multiplayer, it's never been easier to find something fun to play with friends. Whether it be facing your comrades or helping them, the videogame industry has provided us with tons of experiences to share with our loved ones. However, there's always room for more, and with the new action/RPG Forced's emphasis on co-op, there's a new option for those looking for new multiplayer adventures.

However, can Forced really stand up to the likes of Magicka and the tons of other co-op experiences offered on Steam? Does it even work as a single player title? The answer unfortunately, may underwhelm you.

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PAX Prime 2013: Hands-On with Dying Light

othing frightens me more than the idea of someone behind me. The instinctive glance over the shoulder, hearing footsteps mimicking your own. It is the reason why I could never go up or down stairs in the dark as a child. Techland and Warner Bros. Games are encasing this feeling of terror and helplessness into a game where sometimes your only chance of survival is to run. Dying Light takes elements of other original games and are able to bring it into the zombie/undead/infected space with great efficiency.

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