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PPR 116

019 sure is weird—we all knew that E3’s role in the industry has been dwindling by the year, but I don’t think any of us would have imagined how different the content was going to be now that both Sony, and Nintendo have bowed out of the expo this year.

Still, there’s plenty of scuttlebutt to get excited for, & we’ve got some predictions/news here in this episode for you guys to get excited over. While some of those rumors have already been confirmed during the production of this episode, there are plenty of other bits to discuss, like a new DarkStalkers, some Stadia exclusives, a Switch hardware revision, some proper Nintendo VR, additional details on the new Playdate console unveiled in late May, and so much more.

Join us as we take the chance to talk about E3 predictions, Canada’s exclusive television and cuisine, and many other details here in the latest episode of Press Pause Radio!

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Evo 2016: Day Two Impressions

or our second day at Evo, there were several tournament finals that we were able to see during the event. The final standings are:

Tekken 7 Fated Retribution Grand Finals: Knee vs. SAINT. Winner: SAINT. (SAINT and Knee qualify for The King of Iron Fist Tournament 2016)

Super Smash Bros. for Wii U Grand Finals: Ally vs. kamemushi. Winner: Ally

Pokken Grand Finals: Tonosama vs. buntan. Winner: Tonosama (Tonosama and buntan qualify for the Pokken Tournament World Championship Series)

Killer Instinct Grand Finals: F3|Hollywood Sleep vs. UA|Bass. Winner: F3|Hollywood Sleep

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Evo 2016: Killer Instinct Panel

ello once again, we continue our coverage of Evo 2016 at 12:00pm Friday afternoon as we find out what is new at Iron Galaxy and the Killer Instinct team. KI is close to rapping up their third season of content for the game and with the release of the PC version and a retail release of all three seasons upcoming, the team at IG and Microsoft are still rolling out crazy characters as well as content that will continue to make the Xbox One exclusive a mainstay in the fighting game community. 

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PPR Presents Play Play: Killer Instinct-Season 3 

he torch has been passed once again, and now it would appear that Iron Galaxy will carry on the support and development to the latest episodic entry into Microsoft’s exclusive modern fighting franchise with Killer Instinct Season 3—and thankfully enough, it’s just as exciting, if not even more enjoyable than ever before.

And honestly, how could you not freak out about a game where you can play as a Battletoad that gets to up on the Anti-hero from Halo 2; shit’s dope y’all.

Andrew and George hash out their thoughts on this new edition of KI, the state of the Fighting Game scene; including how badly they wanted to like Street Fighter V more than they actually did, and more in this latest Play Play from Press Pause Radio.

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QCF: Killer Instinct

he Xbox One has been out in the wild for the last two months now and while the tides of success since have been up for debate, the huge two-toned box is currently playing host to one of the most sought after revivals within the last eighteen years of video games.

Microsoft is taking advantage of another Rare property to help spearhead it’s console launch lineup and unlike the dismal affair with Joanna Dark’s return, Double Helix brings back all of the ideals that made Killer Instinct the contender that it was and modernizes them into a spectacular display of brilliance.

Killer Instinct is an experience that’s capable of single-handedly inaugurating the fighting game genre into prominence for the new generation of gaming while validating the early adoption of an Xbox One on the other hand in spades.

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PAX Prime 2013: Breaking into Killer Instinct

s the screen clashes against streaks of ink and the vociferous commentary from the Zealous announcer, Rare’s effort gradually shown brighter and brighter, and after getting some flicks of the arcade stick in, Killer Instinct is no soppy cash-in on cult-favorite nostalgia, it’s shaping up to be a labor of love instead.

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PPR Presents Play Play: Killer Instinct

uring Microsoft’s E3 presser on Monday, one of our predictions came to be and we all saw the revival of Killer Instinct and the plans to release it exclusively to the upcoming X-bone. Considering this was a better time than any other was, we decided to release our new weekly video series, Play Play. This video series will basically be a quick-look styled videos on all games, new or old with one of us piloting the controller and the rest joining in on the conversation. In this debut episode, we talk about how Jago-on-Jago sounds dumb, Rape Jokes being uncool, and how fucking stupid the 90’s really were.

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