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Evo 2016: Killer Instinct Panel

ello once again, we continue our coverage of Evo 2016 at 12:00pm Friday afternoon as we find out what is new at Iron Galaxy and the Killer Instinct team. KI is close to rapping up their third season of content for the game and with the release of the PC version and a retail release of all three seasons upcoming, the team at IG and Microsoft are still rolling out crazy characters as well as content that will continue to make the Xbox One exclusive a mainstay in the fighting game community. 

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QCF: Gears of War Judgment

lanet Sera has been victim to the constant siege of the Locust for years now, and the COG has seen better days -- or have they? What if we were taken back to the beginning? To a time where the government sovereignties was still a thing and military tribunals were held to determine the accountability and actions of a Soldier’s survival on the battlefield? For determining judgment, if you will…

Epic Games takes a backseat this go around. From the fine folks from People Can Fly comes the fourth installment that explores where it all started with the snarky Damon Baird and flamboyant Augustus Cole on the frontlines.

While the Gears of War formula has set a standard for third-person shooter-driven gameplay, it’s done little to stray from its foundation, in turn expanding upon it in every way Epic Games could with GOW3. Since the early days of PPR, I have personally endorsed the idea of a Baird/Cole centric campaign on multiple occasions, so the concept of Judgment should be just the sort of answer I’ve been clamoring for, right? People Can Fly have expressed their understanding for this like-minded sentiment among returning players, and had their work cut out for them from the very start of the endeavor. Judgment presented to justify yet another entry that could appeal both to fans and newcomers.

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Bullet Heaven EX -- PAX East 2012 PREVIEW: Crimson Dragon

In this special episode of Bullet Heaven EX, we get hands-on with Crimson Dragon for the Xbox 360 Kinect at PAX East 2012!

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