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QCF: DOOM (2016)

ou ever heard the term, lightning doesn’t strike twice in the same spot? Well, it’s true, and the connation behind the idiom is meant to infer just how hard it is to reproduce the impact of something memorable like that lightning strike; so to add to that, for the sake of this argument, let’s just say that this “lightning strike” we’re referring to is the original DOOM that released way back in 1993.

The original DOOM was monumental, it forever changed the landscape of video games, and what anyone could ever perceive out of them—as you kids would say, “that shit was straight LIT.”

Needless to say, the DOOM franchise became a household name, and has remained one for years to come, regardless of how hard it’s been for the series to successfully transition into the modern age of shooters—a shit ton of shooters mind you.

While Doom 3 failed to do that, this new eponymous reboot has not; in fact…

Doom (2016) is one of the most refreshing breaths of fresh air that you can experience out of a shooter in today’s saturated climate, like, this game has no business being as good as it is.

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Late to The Party: Fallout 3

ack in 2010, everyone here at Press Pause Radio came up with the idea of recording an episode where we would discuss what we all personally felt were the best games to have come out within that past decade. As challenging as that was for us, it was really fun topic for a show, but there was always one piece of feedback that came back at us and our lists every time the that episode is ever brought up; “why didn’t any of you guys include Fallout 3 on that list?”

Well, I don’t think anyone on the show had a terribly remarkable memory playing it during initial reflection, but it turned out that none of us had really played it enough when it came to giving it a fair assessment either.

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Pax Prime 2013 Impressions: The Elder Scrolls Online

here's nothing like stepping out into the new day and seeing the sun cast a radiant glow on the crystallized snow. A glance upward reveals a winged procession suddenly scattered by the howl of a savage wolf close by. The General calls out with desperate urgency, snapping the player back into the world. The dead have risen, and now several of the townspeople have gone missing. The experience feels very familiar, and in a title like The Elder Scrolls Online it is a smooth transition into the MMO landscape.

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QCF: Dishonored

Steampunk is a fantasy setting often overlooked by videogames and other media. Aesthetically, steampunk is one of my favorite settings and I was more than happy to jump head first into Arcane Studios new stealth action title Dishonored to see what cool gadgets and gizmos the world would come up with to help me assassinate the Lord Reagent and his fellow cohorts who murdered my Empress and left me to take the blame.

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