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PPR Presents Play Play: Killer Instinct-Season 3 

he torch has been passed once again, and now it would appear that Iron Galaxy will carry on the support and development to the latest episodic entry into Microsoft’s exclusive modern fighting franchise with Killer Instinct Season 3—and thankfully enough, it’s just as exciting, if not even more enjoyable than ever before.

And honestly, how could you not freak out about a game where you can play as a Battletoad that gets to up on the Anti-hero from Halo 2; shit’s dope y’all.

Andrew and George hash out their thoughts on this new edition of KI, the state of the Fighting Game scene; including how badly they wanted to like Street Fighter V more than they actually did, and more in this latest Play Play from Press Pause Radio.

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QCF: Rare Replay

hen you’ve been in the business of developing games for over thirty years, the work and charm you put into your games gets more and more noticeable. In the case of Rare though, this sort of quality that truly defined them, and pushed them to get where they are today.

A brand that was once synonymous with a certain gaming giant, and responsible for vast majority of the gems available on their hardware nearly two decades before, has since found a new home, and been quietly established a new identity with the big M ever since.

Granted, it is fourteen years late, but the giant has finally decided to host one best celebrations to be found on a commemorative game collection called Rare Replay; an assortment of classics to bear the Rare name (well, most of them anyway) in a value priced package priced at just thirty dollars.

While the deal alone makes the trip down memory lane worth all the hype, the attention to detail and care put into this title, makes it one of the best love letters to video games that I’ve seen in years.

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