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QCF: 20XX (Switch)

ega Man is a pretty formulaic game. Fight six to eight combat-enabled re-purposed robots by using other robots' weapons against them rock-paper-scissor style, then take on a few extra nefarious machinations before defeating a balding, mad scientist with illusions of grandeur and seriously questionable choices in home decor. There have been 10 of these so far with an 11th on the horizon, so the setup seems to work. So much so, actually, that a parallel, edgier series with an X tacked on that incorporates caped villains, mysterious allies including one with long, flowing blonde hair and a cyberzoo's-worth of crazy mechanical fauna also, itself, saw a solid 8 entries. And an RPG.

20XX, while very obviously inspired by the Rockingest Man of X himself, is not such a game, despite the many mechanics it borrows. If you've ever wondered what Mega Man X would be like if it were a completely differently structured roguelite, well, we might have the answer for you.

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QCF: Mighty No. 9

o after all of the anticipation, in spite of the delays that served to simultaneously fervor and stifle the excitement; Mighty No. 9 is out, and well, it’s most certainly left an impression, that much is safe to say. Inafune’s premier project banked on the charm of its ambition, which in hindsight, explains why lackluster delivery out of this project hit so hard, and almost why it was sort of doomed from the start.

The initial appeal to this endeavor was how it was poised to be the spiritual successor to a franchise that we all assumed that Capcom long forgot, but Mighty No. 9 just clumsily fumbles about in the shadow that Mega Man casted over it as it fails to cast one of its own.

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Crate Dae! Surprise [#002] - Secret Special Double Score!! 

i hi! We're back with another Crate Dae! Surprise and a winner for our Blind Bag Miku giveaway!!


This time we're taking a look at Mega Man backpack hanger blind bags from Just Toys International! What will we get??  


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QCF: Mega Man Legacy Collection

 once had a Mega Man mixtape. This is absolutely a real thing and I promise, it's relevant. When I was 11, I used to hold up a lo-fi microphone plugged into an old Tandy tape recorder up to TV speakers to record the ever-awesome music from one of my favorite game series ever.

This kind of annoyed my parents, so I'd have to keep the recording brief and used a dual tape deck to mix and extend this music to the length I wanted. I don't know where it went or if it even still exists but that mixtape was a prized possession of mine, long before video game CD soundtracks were an established thing (though vinyl LPs already existed for Super Xevious, which is rad.)

Currently, it's September 2015 and Capcom has released Mega Man Legacy Collection, a New-Gen, PC, and 3DS collection of the original six NES Mega Man Games, complete with a ton of extras. As a compilation, Mega Man Legacy Collection is a very good buy, especially with the price of the NES and Famicom originals spiking up in price the way they have as of late, particularly in complete condition.

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PPR Presents Play Play: Street Fighter X Mega Man

t’s no secret that we’ve seen the Blue Bomber make appearances within a slew of fighting games like the latest Super Smash Bros for example, but only once have we ever seen a group of brawlers ever step onto Mega Man’s turf; and boy did Capcom make a day out of it.

We pull out our keyboards and USB controllers to navigate the Super Fighting Robot as he challenges the World Warriors of Street Fighter fame and the PPR gang gathers around.

George has some second thoughts about his initial impressions around the game when it first launched while Gil argues that the game is more charming than it ever was if anything else, and Ser is just happy to hear the jarbled nonsense of what a “Shoryuken” sounds like when ran through emulated 8-bit sound processor and more!

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