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Crate Dae! Super Surprise Feature! [Episodes #006-#009]

i hi! It's time for a rapid-fire cavalcade of Crate Dae! Surprise! We did a whole bunch in a row, and now it's time to see what's inside! First up, we're taking a look at McFarlane Toys' Rabbids Invasion Series 2 blind bags. They were only a dollar each!

Next, we take a look at the Yo-Kai Watch Metal Pin Collection from Grin Studios! We didn;t know what these guys were at first, so Ser filled in the blanks in post-production!

We love Hot Wheels, and we found some Hot Wheels Mystery Models Blind Bags!! We took a look at a bunch of them; let's see what's inside!

Finally, we all know that everyone loves The Legend of Zelda! What's inside these Series 2 Zelda Tomy Gachapons?  

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Crate Dae! Surprise [#002] - Secret Special Double Score!! 

i hi! We're back with another Crate Dae! Surprise and a winner for our Blind Bag Miku giveaway!!


This time we're taking a look at Mega Man backpack hanger blind bags from Just Toys International! What will we get??  


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Crate Dae! Surprise [#001] - Blind Bag Miku

i hi! It's the pilot episode for Crate Dae! In Crate Dae!, we tale a look at various loot crate style boxes from around the world! In between big crates, we check out blind bag and blind box figures and more!

In this video, we check out three Hatsune Mike Backpack Hanger Blind Bags by Just Toys International! What could be inside??


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