Crate Dae! Super Surprise Feature! [Episodes #006-#009]

i hi! It's time for a rapid-fire cavalcade of Crate Dae! Surprise! We did a whole bunch in a row, and now it's time to see what's inside! First up, we're taking a look at McFarlane Toys' Rabbids Invasion Series 2 blind bags. They were only a dollar each!

Next, we take a look at the Yo-Kai Watch Metal Pin Collection from Grin Studios! We didn;t know what these guys were at first, so Ser filled in the blanks in post-production!

We love Hot Wheels, and we found some Hot Wheels Mystery Models Blind Bags!! We took a look at a bunch of them; let's see what's inside!

Finally, we all know that everyone loves The Legend of Zelda! What's inside these Series 2 Zelda Tomy Gachapons?  

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