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QCF: Mega Man Legacy Collection

 once had a Mega Man mixtape. This is absolutely a real thing and I promise, it's relevant. When I was 11, I used to hold up a lo-fi microphone plugged into an old Tandy tape recorder up to TV speakers to record the ever-awesome music from one of my favorite game series ever.

This kind of annoyed my parents, so I'd have to keep the recording brief and used a dual tape deck to mix and extend this music to the length I wanted. I don't know where it went or if it even still exists but that mixtape was a prized possession of mine, long before video game CD soundtracks were an established thing (though vinyl LPs already existed for Super Xevious, which is rad.)

Currently, it's September 2015 and Capcom has released Mega Man Legacy Collection, a New-Gen, PC, and 3DS collection of the original six NES Mega Man Games, complete with a ton of extras. As a compilation, Mega Man Legacy Collection is a very good buy, especially with the price of the NES and Famicom originals spiking up in price the way they have as of late, particularly in complete condition.

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